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Coroutine based Spring boot webflux application

I have worked with Spring Framework for ages and it still manages to surprise me with how cutting edge it continues to be but at the same time enabling a developer to put together a fairly sane app. The most recent surprise was with how it enables programming a web application with Kotlin coroutines. Coroutines is a fairly complicated concept ...

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Testing the File Upload API in Spring Boot


In one of my previous post, I had created an API to upload file. In this post I will write a JUnit test to test the API. We will test the complete flow right from uploading till it is copied to the file system and then we will also see how to mock the FileService class so that the uploaded ...

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Tutorial On Handling Keyboard Actions In Selenium WebDriver [With Example]

During the course of automated cross browser testing, you might come across scenarios that may not have been thought about during the product development phase. For example, when using Selenium automation testing, you could open a new browser tab instead of a new browser instance. Implementing that change would need proper usage of Keyboard Actions in Selenium WebDriver. This will ...

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The Right Kind of Failure

Basic question: why do we write our tests first and make sure they go red? Answer: because it’s possible that a test we write to test a feature after the fact would go green anyway, because it’s not really testing the feature properly… or there’s a chance that we write a test, it fails, and then we have a lot ...

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Using Jenkins as your go-to CI/CD tool

Introduction Everyone loves Agile and the way it is replacing all the older methodologies and development models with a streamlined and sustainable system for faster delivery cycles. However, the ever-prevailing Manual testing practice has always kept the QA teams from entirely adopting Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery, making Agility unreachable. Fortunately, tools like Jenkins help reach the goals of the ...

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Point of sale – An architectural introduction

It’s an interesting challenge creating architectural content based on common customer adoption patterns. That’s very different from most of the traditional marketing activities usually associated with generating content for the sole purpose of positioning products for solutions. When you’re basing the content on actual execution in solution delivery, you’re cutting out the  chuff.  What’s that mean? It means that it’s ...

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Open-source collaboration, or how we finally added merge-on-refresh to Apache Lucene

The open-source software movement is a clearly a powerful phenomenon. A diverse (in time, geography, interests, gender (hmm not really, not yet, hrmph), race, skills, use-cases, age, corporate employer, motivation, IDEs (or,Emacs (with all of its recursive parens)), operating system, …) group of passionate developers work together, using surprisingly primitive digital tooling and asynchronous communication channels, devoid of emotion and ...

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