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How To Speed Up Selenium Test Cases?


When we talk about automation, one of the tools that comes first to our mind is Selenium. We all know that the Selenium WebDriver is a remarkable tool for web automation. The primary reason for implementing Selenium automation testing is to speed up selenium tests. In most of the cases, Selenium performs extraordinarily well than the manual ones. But, sometimes ...

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Leadership Tip: Focus on Effectiveness, Not Efficiency

Many of us focus on how efficient we can be. Many of our organizations want to maximize our output for every minute and hour of work. However, if we focus on effectiveness first, we create better outcomes for everyone. We don’t waste time working on things that don’t matter. An Example of Moving from Efficiency to Effectiveness Danielle,  a director, ...

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Inject Quarkus list types with @ConfigProperty


Inject Quarkus list types with @ConfigProperty In a previous post, you’ve seen how to map complex configuration structures with Quarkus using @ConfigMapping. If you have a typed collection, e.g. List<String>, you can also inject these values via @ConfigProperty: @ApplicationScoped public class CoffeeShopConfig { @ConfigProperty(name = "complex.list") List<String> list; ... } The list can be populated either by a hierarchical config ...

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The 2021 Ultimate GitOps Certification Bundle

This Massive 98-Hour Multi-Instructor Course on Git Hub, Kubernetes, Git SQL & Heroku Teaches You How to Implement Continuous Deployment for Cloud Native Applications Hey fellow geeks, This week, on our JCG Deals store, we have another extreme offer. We are offering a massive 98% off on The 2021 Ultimate GitOps Certification Bundle. Get it now with only $34,99 instead ...

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Making constructors pre-process the arguments before encapsulating them seems to be bad practice. However, very often it’s necessary to do exactly that: perform some manipulations with the objects provided as arguments and only then assign them to the attributes of the constructed object. For this purpose I suggest using prestructors, which could be methods or stand-alone objects. Huge in France ...

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File down – and uploads in RESTful web services


Usually we use standard data exchange formats like JSON or XML with REST web services. However, many REST services have at least some operations that can be hard to fulfill with just JSON or XML. Examples are uploads of product images, data imports using uploaded CSV files or generation of downloadable PDF reports. In this post we focus on those ...

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