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Performance impact of java.lang.System.getProperty()

‘java.lang.System.getProperty()’ is a common API used by Java developers to read the System properties that are configured during application startup time. i.e. when you pass “-DappName=buggyApp” as your application’s startup JVM argument, the value of the ‘appName’ system property can be read by invoking the ‘java.lang.System.getProperty()’. Example: public static String getAppName() { String app = System.getProperty("appName"); return app; } When ...

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Quickly create DSLs with Langium

Langium is a language engineering tool designed to help create DSLs and low code platforms: you can quickly create DSLs with Langium. Langium is lightweight, based on Visual Studio Code and allows you to create a language and an editor in one step. In this article we are going to take a look at this new tool and create an ...

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Challenges in Mobile App Testing

Today, there are many smartphone users in the world and so is the popularity of mobile apps. In order to be competent, mobile apps have to be unique and provide the best user experience to increase the user base. With the users getting more informed and intelligent, the apps built should keep up with the pace. In order to be ...

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KivaKit Microservices


KivaKit Microservices   KivaKit is designed to make coding microservices faster and easier. In this blog post, we will examine the kivakit-microservice module. As of this date, this module is only available for early access via SNAPSHOT builds and by building KivaKit. The final release of KivaKit 1.1 will include this module and should happen by the end of October, ...

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HotSpot Shield VPN Premium: 3-Yr Subscription

The “World’s Fastest VPN” That Provides Military-Grade Encryption While Giving You Access to Sites & Streaming Content Over 115+ Locations All Around the World Hey fellow geeks, This week, on our JCG Deals store, we have another extreme offer. We are offering a massive 80% off on HotSpot Shield VPN Premium: 3-Yr Subscription. Get it now with only $89,99, instead ...

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Chasing Java’s release train: JDK-17, the next big thing

Here we go, JDK-17, the next LTS release, just became generally available. It is an important milestone for the OpenJDK for years to come but sadly, Project Loom, the most anticipated improvement of the JVM platform, was not able to make it, despite the extraordinary progress being made. Well, if you are still on JDK-8, like the majority of us, ...

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Google Cloud Deploy – CD for a Java based project

This is a short write-up on using Google Cloud Deploy for Continuous Deployment of a Java-based project.  Google Cloud Deploy is a new entrant to the CD space. It facilitates a continuous deployment currently to GKE based targets and in future to other Google Cloud application runtime targets. Let’s start with why such a tool is required, why not an ...

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Debunking The Top 8 Selenium Testing Myths

When it comes to web automation testing, the first automation testing framework that comes to mind undoubtedly has to be the Selenium framework. Selenium automation testing has picked up a significant pace since the creation of the framework way back in 2004. Developers and the QA community hail open-source frameworks like Selenium, since it has a huge community and supports ...

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