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JavaScript Check if Variable is a Number Example

1. Introduction JavaScript is referred to as a dynamically typed language. What that means is that the language has data types but variables can hold values of different data types at different points in time. We can declare a variable and assign a string and subsequently assign a number to it as follows: let name = "Siddharth"; name = 39; ...

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A Quick Guide to Spring Boot Login Options


“I love writing authentication and authorization code.” ~ No Java Developer Ever. Tired of building the same login screens over and over? Try the Okta API for hosted authentication, authorization, and multi-factor auth. In this post, you’re going to work through various options for implementing a login feature using Spring Boot 2.1. You’ll start with the most simple, basic auth, ...

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Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) with NetSuite Data Entities in Java


Object-relational mapping (ORM) techniques make it easier to work with relational data sources and can bridge your logical business model with your physical storage model. Follow this tutorial to integrate connectivity to NetSuite data into a Java-based ORM framework, Hibernate. You can use Hibernate to map object-oriented domain models to a traditional relational database. The tutorial below shows how to ...

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[MEGA DEAL] The Complete Computer Science Bundle (89%)

8 Courses (78+ Hours) to Get a Quality Tech Education—From Coding to Design–without Paying Exorbitant Tuition Hey fellow geeks, This week, on our JCG Deals store, we have another extreme offer. We are offering a massive 89% off on The Complete Computer Science Bundle. Get it now with only $39, instead of the original price of $ 367 . Case ...

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5 Powerful Skills That Will Drive Your Programming Career

So you’ve been programming for a while and you’re not sure what to do next to build your portfolio. Maybe you’re new on the scene, looking to stand out as a programmer. As you gain experience in any career, you run through a learning curve of highs and lows. When you first start out, everything is exciting. You run into ...

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Build your first serverless function in 10 minutes

My teammate Upkar Lidder published a great tutorial on how to create your first serverless function very fast ⚡️. I wanted to give it a try and share the step with you here. There is nothing to download, install or configure. You can finish this tutorial in under 10 minutes ⏳. Tutorial steps You will complete the following steps: Create a ...

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4 Tips When Using a CDN

More and more web applications are starting to adopt a Content Delivery Network (CDN). We will share some tips and tricks about how we adjust our web applications to get the most out of the CDN that is serving them. What are the advantages of using a CDN? Your server load will decrease (as more content is served from the ...

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Hide It All!

In an earlier post, I wrote the following words: in an object-oriented codebase the kit should be as discrete as possible. The more you use the development kit, the less object-oriented your code really is or your abstractions are not the best they can be.. I feel the need to elaborate this point, since it is quite strong and that ...

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Extending abstract classes with abstract classes in Java

The example issue When I was creating the Java::Geci abstract class AbstractFieldsGenerator and AbstractFilteredFieldsGenerator I faced a not too complex design issue. I would like to emphasize that this issue and the design may seem obvious for some of you, but during my recent conversation with a junior developer (my son, Mihály specifically, who also reviews my articles because his ...

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