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In this detailed Resource page, we feature an abundance of Spring Data Tutorials!

Spring Data’s mission is to provide a familiar and consistent, Spring-based programming model for data access while still retaining the special traits of the underlying data store.

It makes it easy to use data access technologies, relational and non-relational databases, map-reduce frameworks, and cloud-based data services. This is an umbrella project which contains many sub projects that are specific to a given database. The projects are developed by working together with many of the companies and developers that are behind these exciting technologies.

In this article, we provide a compilation of Spring Data examples that will help you kick-start your own projects. We cover a wide range of topics, from setting up the environment and creating a basic project, to handling the various modules (e.g. JPA, MongoDB, Redis etc.). With our straightforward tutorials, you will be able to get your own projects up and running in minimum time.

If you wish to build up your Spring Data knowledge first, check out our Spring Data Tutorials to Kick-Start your Data Projects.

Spring Data Tutorials – Getting Started

Simple examples on how to use Spring Data so that you can develop your own Spring Data JPA based projects

  • Spring Data Tutorial for Beginners
    The benefits of using Spring Data is that it removes a lot of boiler-plate code and provides a cleaner and more readable implementation of DAO layer. Also, it helps make the code loosely coupled and as such switching between different JPA vendors is a matter of configuration.
  • Spring Data JPA Tutorial
    Managing data between java classes or objects and the relational database is a very cumbersome and tricky task. The DAO layer usually contains a lot of boilerplate code that should be simplified in order to reduce the number of lines of code and make the code reusable. In this tutorial, we will discuss spring data’s implementation of JPA.
  • Spring Data JPA Example
    The goal of Spring Data repository abstraction is to significantly reduce the amount of boilerplate code required to implement data access layers for various persistence stores. If we try to implement a data access layer of an application on our own, we will end up with lots of boilerplate code.
  • Spring Data JPARepository Example
    Spring Data JpaRepository interface extends CrudRepository and provides finder methods out of the box. In this example, I will demonstrate how to use Spring Data JpaRepository to create, update, delete, and search contact data in a relational database.
  • Spring Data JPA Example with Spring Boot
    In this post, we shall demonstrate how to leverage the powerful Spring Data JPA APIs to interact with the database, in-memory H2 database for this lesson. Spring Data JPA offers a set of very powerful and highly-abstracted interfaces which are used to interact with any underlying database.

Spring Data Tutorials – Integrations

Examples on how to connect a Spring Data Application to 3rd party NoSql Databases, platforms and services

  • Spring Data MongoDB Tutorial
    Spring is such framework which provides the ease of integration with a lot of different frameworks which makes it easy to develop an application using Spring. One such integration is integration of Spring with MongoDB. In this tutorial we will discuss about the combination of most famous java framework “Spring” and the most famous NoSQL database “MongoDB”.
  • Spring Data MongoDB Example
    Spring Data MongoDb is the module of Spring Data that provides support for MongoDb. As with the other modules demonstrated in this series, this module too provides supports both for derived queries (based on the method name) and the annotated query.
  • Spring Data Solr Example
    In this example, we will demonstrate how to integrate Spring data with Apache Solr. Solr is a search engine built on top of Apache Lucene library. It can be communicated with a REST like HTTP API because of which it can be easily be consumed as a REST-ful web-service irrespective of the underlying programming language used in the application which is calling the Solr Server.
  • Spring Data Couchbase Example
    Spring Data CouchBase is the Spring module which helps us in integrating with the CouchBase Database Server. As with the other modules demonstrated in this series, this module too provides supports both for derived queries(based on the method names) and the annotated query.
  • Spring Data GemFire Tutorial
    Pivotal Gemfire is an in-memory data grid powered by Apache Geode. Spring Data GemFire makes it easier to build highly scalable, Spring-powered applications using Pivotal GemFire for distributed data management.
  • Spring Data Cassandra Example
    In this example we shall demonstrate how to connect Spring Data Application to Apache Cassandra, a Column based NoSql Database. Cassandra is a Distributed Database Management System that can handle large amounts of data with data replication across multiple data-centres so that there is no single point of failure. It uses CQL as its query language which has syntax quite similar to its homonym SQL.
  • Spring Data Neo4j Example
    In this example we shall demonstrate how to integrate Neo4J, a graph based NoSql database with Spring Data. Neo4j is an open source, graph based NoSQL database developed in Java and Scala. Like traditional relational Databases, Neo4J offers support to ACID properties.
  • Spring Data and Redis
    This article is part of our Academy Course titled Redis a NoSQL key-value store. Redis was created to solve real problems of real software systems. The project we are going to build will introduce all the important Redis features we have discussed so far but from application developer prospective.
  • Spring Data Redis Example
    Redis is an in-memory key/value store. It is used as a database, cache and message broker. In this article, we will see some examples of Spring Data Redis.
  • Spring Data Elasticsearch Example
    Elasticsearch is a highly scalable open-source which can be used for data store, text search and analytics engine. Every instance of ElasticSearch is called a node and several nodes can be grouped together in a cluster. In this article, we will see how we can use spring-data-elasticsearch module which integrates spring-data and elasticsearch.
  • Generating Database Objects from Hibernate Entities
    In this post, I’ll be giving a tutorial on how to create database objects form hibernate entities. This project is an svn comparison tool api. I designed it in such as a way that this api project will directly interact with the database.

Spring Data Tutorials – REST Web-Service

Learn how to develop RESTful web applications using Spring Data

  • Spring Data Rest Example
    In this example, I will demonstrate how we can expose our CRUD Repository as a REST Web-Service over the HTTP. We will be using MySQL as the database for this project.
  • Spring Data MongoDB REST Example
    In this tutorial, I will show you how to develop a RESTful web application by using Spring and MongoDB without implementing boring uniform controllers. When it comes to RESTful applications, we need an API that mainly handles CRUD operations.


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