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JKS: Extending a Self-Signed Certificate

Sometimes you don’t have a PKI in place but you still need a key and a corresponding certificate to sign stuff (outside of the TLS context). And after the certificate in initially generated jks file expires, you have few options – either generate an entirely new keypair, or somehow “extend” the existing certificate. This is useful mostly for testing and ...

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IoT: A New Revolution in the Business World

The major technology research companies’ forecasts that the verge of IoT is radically developing the traditional way of living and the typical manner of our communities. Actually, IoT has the capability to make our process of living more efficient in many ways. Virtually, all industry will get the beneficial outcome of the proliferation of the Internet of Thing in our ...

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7 Useful Debugging and Troubleshooting Tips for Beginners

In this post, we feature a comprehensive article on Useful Debugging and Troubleshooting Tips for Beginners. There are three constants in life – death, taxes, and debugging codes. Plenty of programmers leave a mess of bugs when writing codes for new sling codes and features. But who cleans up the bugs? It is a separate thing to write good code ...

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17 Key Benefits Of Automation Testing For A Successful Release

With the increasing pace of technology, it becomes challenging for companies to manage the quality of their web applications. Due to the limited time window in agile development and cost factors, testing often misses out the attention it deserves. Lack of proper testing leads to the bad quality product, delayed delivery, unsatisfied custom service and increase in costs. The reason ...

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Top Programming Interview Questions You Need to Know

Are you preparing for your next programming interview—or perhaps your first ever? If so, you’re on track for a role in a field that’s in very high demand right now. Programming and coding are vital for making positive disruptions in every industry on earth. It all begins with people like you, working behind the scenes, to ensure digital infrastructure, operating ...

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