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Always Name Your Thread Pools

Our software tends to use a lot of thread pools – mostly through java.util.concurrent.ExecutorService implementations (Created via We create these for various async use-cases, and they can be seen all over the place. All of these executors have a thread factory. It’s hidden in the default factory method, but you can supply a thread factory. If not supplied, a ...

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5 Reasons You Should Attend RedisConf 2021

$100,000 HackathonJoin the hackathon to show us what you can build on Redis for a chance to win big prizes totaling $100,000! Registration for the hackathon is also open now and hacking starts on Thursday, April 15. Rediscover the power of real-time data at RedisConf 2021! Registration is now open for our annual real-time data conference, to be held virtually on ...

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Leveraging static code analysis in a Ruby CI pipeline

Continuous integration, or CI, refers to the culture and the technologies that enable continuously merging features and bug fixes into the main branch of the codebase. Code changes are incorporated immediately after testing, rather than being bunched with other updates in a waterfall release process. Similarly, continuous delivery, or CD, refers to automatically deploying the changed code to the target environment, such ...

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9 Of The Best Java Testing Frameworks For 2021

The fact is not alien to us anymore that cross browser testing is imperative to enhance your application’s user experience. Enhanced knowledge of popular and highly acclaimed testing frameworks goes a long way to develop a new app. It holds more significance if you are a full-stack developer or expert programmer. Most developers prefer Java because of its platform independence ...

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Supply chain integration – Example store integration architecture

In my previous article from this series shared a look at the logical common architectural elements found in supply chain integration for retail stores. The process was laid out how I’ve approached the use case and how portfolio solutions are the base for researching a generic architectural blueprint.  It started with laying out the process of how I’ve approached the use case by ...

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Apache Camel 3.9 – No more saw tooth JVM garbage collection

We continue our effort to optimize Apache Camel. This is blog post part 7 which covers are latest effort on dramatically reducing the object allocations caused by Camel while routing messages. The good news is that we have overachieved and was able to reduce object allocations to ZERO!!! – so no more JVM memory usage graphs with saw tooth (note: ...

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Handling Injection Attacks in Java

An injection attack is the insertion of malicious data from the client to the application using SQL or XXE (XML External Entity).It is important to prevent injection attacks because it allows attackers to spoof identity, tamper with existing data, disclosure all the data, destroy the data, become the administrator, etc. SQL Injection If the attacker introduces something like ‘ or ...

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