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Validation in Spring Boot applications


Validation in Spring Boot applications can be done in many different ways. Depending on your requirements some ways might fit better to your application than others. In this post we will explore the usual options to validate data in Spring Boot applications. Validation is done by using the Bean Validation API. The reference implementation for the Bean Validation API is ...

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The After Open Source Era Has Started

Open source is the current norm for developer collaboration and customer adoption in software. It is the foundation that enabled unicorns and cloud providers to build their services from the ground up. But that wasn’t always the case with open source, and it is changing and evolving again. Open Source Eras and relative adoption trend lines In this post, I ...

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Architecture Artifacts Cross-Checker

Last time we looked at architecture metrics. We stated then that the data required for calculating these metrics could come from a variety of sources. However, we all know that information about architectures is often not kept up-to-date. So how do you keep your metrics reliable by keeping their inputs fresh? In order to answer a question like that it’s ...

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A Comprehensive Guide To Deal With XPath In Selenium

Selenium has always been a first choice for automation developers to automate their web application. Locating dynamic web elements have historically been dolorous for automation testers which brings the scope of XPath in picture. Xpath is one of the most preferable locator provided by Selenium. Locators are Selenium commands used to locate a GUI web element present in the web ...

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[MEGA DEAL] The All-In-One Developer & Project Manager Exam Certification Prep Bundle (97% off)

Amp Up Your Programming & Managing Skills Set with 27 Hours of Content on Leading Coding Languages and Project Management Practices Hey fellow geeks, This week, on our JCG Deals store, we have another extreme offer.We are offering a massive 97% off on The All-In-One Developer & Project Manager Exam Certification Prep Bundle. Get it now with only $39,99 instead ...

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Ultimate Guide to Apply Field Testing for Mobile Application

Field Testing and Its Importance Field testing is a critical step in the last phase of mobile testing. After all regression tests pass, testers would go into the real environment to verify an application’s usability and behavior. The purpose of field testing is to determine how an application works before releasing it to end-users. Therefore, teams test to see how ...

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Simulators vs Emulators vs Real Devices | Mobile Testing Differences

Mobile testing involves spotting bugs in a mobile application and fixing them – ranging from identifying sign-up issues, breaking in the payment process, or finding glitches in navigation before it hits the market. This testing can be done manually or with automation, and utilizing the right testing strategy helps meet all quality and usability requirements. Among the elements necessary for ...

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