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Cloud-native development – Common architectural elements

The introduction to a blueprint for cloud-native development laid out groundwork for a deeper exploration of it’s logical diagram. In this article we continue with a look at the common architectural elements. A description is provided to guide you with aligning what we’ve presented here with the landscape your organization works with every day. These details should help you understand ...

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Choosing The Right Deployment Strategy

Deployment strategies affect everyone, no matter whether we are focused only on a single aspect of the application lifecycle or we are in full control. The way we deploy affects the architecture, testing, monitoring, and many other aspects. And not only that, but we can say that architecture, testing, and monitoring affect the way we deploy. All those things are ...

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Cloud-native development – A blueprint

After starting with architectural blueprints introducing both  omnichannel integration and integrating with SaaS applications, we’re presenting the results of a cloud-native development blueprint. What’s in an architectural blueprint and what’s the focus you ask? It’s an interesting challenge in that we’ve been creating of architectural content based on common customer adoption patterns. That’s very different from most of the traditional marketing ...

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Checking for Artifactory in a Jenkins Pipeline

One of my projects uses the Artifactory as the repository manager. Unfortunately when doing a Jenkins pipeline build, I sometimes forget to ensure the Artifactory server is up first and find the job has failed after running for a while. I’ve added some script to my Jenkinsfile that will check for the Artifactory server early on and fail fast if ...

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Terraform With Multiple Environments

The setup The topic I have chosen is because of this post that I discovered recently: Recommended Practices. Hashicorp is recommending the use of workspaces to control different environments. Which is a change of recommendation from what I remember from February/March 2019. The first way – Single account with workspaces Back at the beginning of 2019, I started using Terraform ...

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Complete a 5 Minute Survey on Software Quality for a Chance to Win $200 Visa Gift Card!

In today’s software delivery pipeline, speed and stability are frequently at odds. The fast-paced business landscape has driven the need for increased development velocity – often at the expense of application quality. Engineering teams are challenged with the impossible task of keeping up with competitors without sacrificing the customer experience in the process. Faced with this dilemma, some organizations opt ...

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