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Run away from ‘null’ checks feast: doing PATCH properly with JSON Patch

Today we are going to have a conversation about REST(ful) services and APIs, more precisely, around one peculiar subject many experienced developers are struggling with. To put things into perspective, we are going to talk about web APIs, where the REST(ful) principles adhere to HTTP protocol and heavily exploit the semantics of HTTP methods and (usually but not necessarily) use ...

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First JDK 10 (18.3) Release Candidate (Build 43) Demonstrates New Versioning Scheme

Mark Reinhold‘s post “JDK 10: First Release Candidate” announced “no unresolved P1 bugs in build 43” and named that Build 43 the initial JDK 10 Release Candidate. The Reinhold post also points to the “JDK 10 Early-Access Builds” page which contains links to the release notes; to the Javadoc-based API documentation; to the “early-access, open-source builds” (OpenJDK) for Windows, Linux, ...

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String#repeat Coming to Java?

JDK-8197594 (“String#repeat”) includes the following it its “Description”: “A String method for repeating sequences of characters has been long requested with no follow through.” Evidence of this interest in a method on the String class for repeating sequences of characters can be found in JDK-8197594‘s “Issue Links” that include JDK-8055862 [“Provide a String repeat method”] and JDK-6984084 [“(str) n times ...

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JDK 10’s Summary Javadoc Tag

JDK 10 introduces a Javadoc tag {@summary} via issue JDK-8173425 (“Javadoc needs a new tag to specify the summary.”). This new tag allows the developer to explicitly specify what portion of the Javadoc comment appears in the “summary” rather than relying on Javadoc’s default treatment looking for a period and space to demarcate the end of the summary portion of ...

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Package by layer for Spring project is obsolete


I believe Spring application shouldn’t be structured in package by layer approach. In my opinion, package by feature makes much more sense. First of all, let me describe each approach briefly. “Package by layer” (“Folder by type” in non Java world) This project structure groups source code files into packages/directories based on architecture layer they belong to: . └── net ...

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Why developers don’t use TDD

Although the total number of acronyms in the programing industry has probably already exceeded the number of stars observable on the moonless night sky, only a subset has gained popularity and recognition. TDD definitely belongs to this group. Judging by numerous conference lectures, books, podcasts, and blog posts, the fact that Test Driven Development is a widely known technique is ...

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Swallowed Exceptions: The Silent Killer of Java Applications

How to avoid the risks of mishandling application errors? This one is going to be a bit scary. After all, we’re dealing with a deadly killer here. And some nasty log files. So hold on tight to your seats! We’re going to cover immediate and actionable advice for stopping swallowed exceptions once and for all. In this post, our goal ...

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[MEGA DEAL] The Complete 2018 CompTIA Certification Training Bundle: Lifetime Access (98% off)

Your Path to a Lucrative IT Career Starts with The Ultimate (14 Courses, 140+ Hours!) IT Certification Training Guide Hey fellow geeks, This week, on our JCG Deals store, we have another extreme offer. We are offering a massive 98% off on The Complete 2018 CompTIA Certification Training Bundle: Lifetime Access. Get it now with only $59, instead of the ...

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Inside a Lambda Runtime: A Peek into the Serverless Lair


Ever wondered what it is like inside a lambda? Stop wondering. Let’s find out. Ever since they surfaced in 2014, AWS’s lambda functions have made themselves a steaming hot topic, opening up whole new annals in serverless computing. The stateless, zero-maintenance, pay-per-execution goodies are literally changing—if not uprooting— the very roots of the cloud computing paradigm. While other players like ...

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