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The Best Ruby Gems

Ruby web development is recognized for its simplicity and efficiency. It is also called “launch technology”. However, prototyping web applications will become even faster if you use Ruby Gems in your work. Like libraries, they allow developers to add new functionality without writing code. Moreover, the possibilities of Ruby Gems are enormous. And then you will be convinced of this. ...

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Want a Successful Agile Project? Start with Why Before How

I’ve been speaking with several possible clients. They’re having trouble with Scrum. The managers don’t believe the teams need product owners, so the teams don’t have POs. The managers think a Scrum Master can support at least four teams. The teams start a lot and finish very little. The teams think they have too many meetings. And everyone works alone—the ...

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Testing Time

Oooh, it’s a nuisance when you write and write automated tests for code that’s supposed to depend on the current time. Stuff’s going to go wrong. There are essentially two categories of problem: The exact timestamps output are different, so are hard to unit testSimulating timings, and events happening the right distance apart, is very hard in a test if ...

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Immutable Mutable Objects

There are some strong reasons why we may want to make genuinely immutable objects. Then there are various frameworks which operate on mutable objects, thus preventing us from using an immutable object pattern. Perhaps we even have a situation where a particular class needs to be mutable, but some of its objects need to be preserved immutably. We want to ...

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Sorting ArrayList in Reverse or Descending Order in Java 8

A quick guide on how to sort the arraylist in descending order or reverse order in java and example programs using Collections.reverseOrder() method. 1. Overview In this article, We will learn how to sort ArrayList in descending order in java. Sometimes this is referred as collections reverse or decreasing order. To get the list in the reverse order, we need ...

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The Importance of Parallel Testing in Selenium

Testing solutions have become more scalable with the advancement of technology, easing organizations’ move from manual testing to Selenium test automation. But nothing comes easy. Running multiple tests in parallel is still unscalable for many organizations. They tend to follow conventional, sequential testing methods to deliver A-Class quality assurance demanding high time, efforts, and resources. Organizations are either hesitant to ...

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