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Use Kotlin to Build a Basic Android CRUD App

“I love writing authentication and authorization code.” ~ No Java Developer Ever. Tired of building the same login screens over and over? Try the Okta API for hosted authentication, authorization, and multi-factor auth. Kotlin was recently given official Android support status by Google, but it remains difficult to understand for many developers. The best way to start is by creating ...

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Top 20 Online Programming Courses to Boost your Career

Do you want to know what is the best investment you can make with your time and money? Knowledge As a software developer you should be constantly acquiring new skills. This is the best way to advance your career and enjoy the rewards (monetary, emotional etc.). Towards that direction you should be reading books, devouring technical articles and staying informed ...

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Asynchronous Flow invocations with Corda Services

How can I make my Flows faster? There’s a good chance you have thought about this before if you have been working with Corda for a while. You can make reasonable tweaks to eke out performance improvements by changing a few things: transaction size, optimising queries and reducing the number of network hops required throughout the Flow’s execution. There is ...

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Knative serving – using Ambassador gateway


This is a continuation of my experimentation with Knative serving, this time around building a gateway on top of a Knative serving applications. This builds on two of my previous posts – on using Knative to deploy a Spring Boot App and making a service to service call in Knative. Why a Gateway on top of Knative application To explain ...

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Serverless – simply an approach to building modern applications?


If you search for “serverless” you find that serverless is a new popular way to build modern applications. Is serverless really new? Serverless refers to the notion that you don’t need to worry about servers – you don’t need to provision, deploy, maintain servers. Obviously there are servers but you don’t need to think or worry about them, the cloud ...

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Project Work vs Product Work

We hear a lot these days about project-based organizations vs. product-based organizations. Much of what we do in software is in service of products. Products tend to evolve over time. When we work on projects, we learn from the experience. However, once we finish this release, the “product” (the output of the project) doesn’t change and incorporate our learning for ...

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The Truth About AI and Test Automation

Software testing has gradually evolved in the past few decades. In the past, teams were accustomed to the waterfall methodology: Everything was sequential, from requirements to product deployment. Only after the development phase was completed did the testers got their hands on the product. Historically, testers would find a number of bugs in this phase, and it would take a ...

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Composition in Java will be Simplified with New JEP Draft

Favor Composition over Inheritance The mantra “Favor Composition over Inheritance” has, with good reasons, been repeated many times in the literature. However, there is little or no language support in Java to simplify the composition of objects. However, with a new JEP draft named “Concise Method Bodies”, the situation might improve slightly. Brian Goetz is responsible for the JEP draft which likely ...

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The Functional Style – Part 4

First-Class Functions II: Filter, Reduce & more. In the previous article I introduced the concept of first-class functions and lambdas, demonstrated the technique of ‘mapping’ a function over an array and advanced it as an alternative to explicit iteration. I went on to assert that the majority of the loops we write are either for that purpose of mapping one ...

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