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Get More Out of Splunk: Enrich Your Logs With 10x More Data

Access net new machine data, beyond log files, to enrich your Splunk instance and get real insight into application health You’ve definitely heard of Splunk, you might even be using it at your company. It’s a powerful data aggregator that helps to simplify machine data for dev and ops teams, allowing them to capture, index and correlate real-time data in ...

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Top 20 Online Programming Courses to Boost your Career

Do you want to know what is the best investment you can make with your time and money? Knowledge As a software developer you should be constantly acquiring new skills. This is the best way to advance your career and enjoy the rewards (monetary, emotional etc.). Towards that direction you should be reading books, devouring technical articles and staying informed ...

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Carefully Specify Multiple Resources in Single try-with-resources Statement

One of the more useful new features of Java 7 was the introduction of the try-with-resources statement [AKA Automatic Resource Management (ARM)]. The attractiveness of the try-with-resources statement lies in its promise to “ensure that each resource is closed at the end of the statement.” A “resource” in this context is any class that implements AutoCloseable and its close() method ...

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Spring Application Architectures


I recently received a question from one of my blog‘s readers, Ajay, and decided to share my answer here  to help others with similar questions in mind. Here’s the question from Ajay: Hello David, I would like to know the difference btw the two types of MVC application architecture that I have come across recently: 1) The ones used in ...

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Corda Services 101

I’m in the mood to write a short and to the point post today. I’m actually curious how quickly I can get this published. So let’s go. This post is about Corda Services (using Corda version 3.2). What are they? As a developer that uses Spring a lot, I would personally say they are like Beans. There is more than ...

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The Functional Style – Part 2

First steps. In the previous article, we introduced functional programming from first principles. It was a lot of verbiage and no practice. The idea of programming without side effects is all well and good, but we need to know how to actually do it. So let’s explore it by looking at some code. The roman numerals kata is a good ...

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Istio’s Networking API Explained


Istio version 1.0 comes with a networking API that comprises a lot of features and covers a variety of scenarios. The networking API has evolved in the last couple of months and might not be self-explanatory, right away. What are the concepts and building blocks of this API, and how do we use the individual Istio resource types in order ...

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Microservices Messaging: Why REST Isn’t Always the Best Choice

Microservices are a big business. Thanks to advances in container orchestration, multi-process applications development and sheer user demand, companies are edging away from traditional monolithic applications towards distributed, highly-available microservices. Breaking applications into smaller chunks reaps rewards in many guises. However, with this distribution there arises a new requirement: messaging for inter-service communication. How does microservices messaging tie back to ...

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TDD in an Economically Sensible Way

On TDD, we’re often at two extremes: At the start of a project, we’re as idealistic as many TDD authors would have us do – writing tests for almost everything. Then, as deadlines near, we drop TDD altogether, and then deliver a product with ticking production-issue time bombs. The right attitude be somewhere in the middle: Apply TDD in an ...

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