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5 Powerful Skills That Will Drive Your Programming Career

So you’ve been programming for a while and you’re not sure what to do next to build your portfolio. Maybe you’re new on the scene, looking to stand out as a programmer. As you gain experience in any career, you run through a learning curve of highs and lows. When you first start out, everything is exciting. You run into ...

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Coding Skills That Will Elevate Your Digital Marketing Career

Digital marketing platforms are teeming with an ever-increasing array of marketing software that you can use to stay competitive and keep up with the demands of the increasingly tech-savvy users. Today’s digital marketing is largely data-driven, and to have an edge over the competition, you need to use the right software on the various marketing platforms wisely and decisively to ...

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6 Blockchain Career Options You Need to Know About for 2019

Blockchain technology has gone beyond a buzzword. With its innovative characteristics and potential to revamp the complete industrial era, the technology has become the hottest topic of the time, with every second business leader looking forward to incorporating the technology into their business processes and earning higher revenue. As a consequence, the demand for blockchain development skills has risen in ...

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Why Choose Software Testing As A Career Path?

If you’re here, that simply means you’re stuck making a vital decision: Should you choose software testing to bolster or even start your career, or not? Is software testing the right fit for you? Where should you start? What should you do? Why should you go with it? And a thousand more questions … There are many articles out there ...

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How to Grow Your Career as Java Developer?

project management

First things first. If you’re someone looking to adopt a new programming language to learn and earn then Java is certainly a great option to begin with. For those still struggling to make it out alive from being a Java intern, keep hanging. Much better is to come for the true ones! The popularity enjoyed by Java programming language can ...

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My Personal Experience of Becoming a Software Developer

Things happen in life that we sometimes cannot explain, but looking back, we are able to put the pieces together and make sense of everything. Such has been my journey of becoming a software developer. The paths I followed now make sense, but they were not things I exactly planned at the beginning. But they are the steps I believe ...

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7 Bad Habits to Avoid as a QA Engineer

Most people would agree that software quality is important. We have seen the results of buggy software in all kinds of situations: from Mars probes malfunctioning and chemotherapy machines administering lethal doses of radiation, to telecommunications systems experiencing a cascade failure. It would seem logical to assume that software testers would be much-valued members of a development team. Yet sadly, ...

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