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See and Resolve Team Dependencies, Part 2: One Person Outside the Team

Does your organization have an enterprise architect or Chief Product Person? We create these positions to check that the teams don’t try to implement something “wrong.” However, a single person in this position creates bottlenecks and dependencies. (A committee might create even tighter bottlenecks.) Those dependencies slow the work. Small-World Network If a person delays the work, how then can ...

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How To Find Good Java Developers For an Enterprise Project

Java is usually the first choice when it comes to enterprise projects. It is rightfully so, considering its stability and security.  Yet, finding a good Java developer is not an easy task. Despite Java being among the first languages that developers learn, there are not as many enthusiastic people who stick to Java.  After reading this article, you will learn ...

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A Complete Guide to Successfully Win a Mobile Testing Job

According to Grandview Research, the mobile application industry is rapidly growing on a day-to-day basis and expected to reach USD 170.52 billion in 2020. Along with this growth, mobile testers have become one of the most demanded talents. They are needed to meet end-users different mobile application demands, and companies are now willing to provide attractive opportunities with competitive salaries ...

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EO the Career Killer

project management

It’s time to answer one of the most popular questions I hear from junior programmers when they meet me at a software conference or online: What is the point of studying Elegant Objects (the new object-oriented paradigm I’ve been preaching for the last five years) if almost nobody is using it on real projects? Why swim against the current and ...

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6 Costly Career Mistakes Developers Should Avoid

We can all learn from our mistakes. But it can be costly if you continue to make mistakes which influence the future of your career. The software industry, like any other, is a learning path which can lead you to success if you avoid these major career mistakes. 1. Staying Too Long VS Job Jumping Staying with one company for ...

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Embrace the Chaos!

Being just yet another software developer in a large enterprise is a pain. You are surrounded by legacy code, inconsistent architecture, low quality standards (assuming they even exist), lack of coding discipline, broken or dirty unit tests, mediocre programmers, and so on. On top of that, the management is very chaotic: no strict plans, no task management, no objective metrics, ...

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8 Things Java Developers Need to Know in 2020

This coming New Year, make it your resolution to do something truly valuable – become the best Java Developer you can be! But first, let’s check the Things that Java Developers Need to Know in 2020. Programming languages are going to change our future – well, they already are! – and are going to be used for more astounding apps, ...

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Advice For Developers Looking To Keep Up With Technology Evolution

In this post, we feature an Advice For Developers Looking To Keep Up With Technology Evolution.The shifting role of technology within all sorts of different industries is written about frequently as employees in roles that previously didn’t have to grapple as intensely with the ever changing world of technology now have a lot of pressure on themselves and need to ...

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To be a better developer, develop better skills

You do want to get better. Work on amazing projects. Solve larger problems, even make more money and improve the world! So you learn new things. You study. You read books. You read blogs and watch YouTube videos. You follow tutorials and online courses. It all takes a lot of time… But… How much time do you spend trying something ...

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