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Shubham is a Java EE Engineer with about 3 years of experience in building quality products with Spring Boot, Spring Data, AWS, Kafka, PrestoDB.

Python Formatting Strings Example

1. Introduction In this post, we feature a comprehensive article on Python Formatting Strings. One of the tasks we face almost every day while writing code for our world-changing apps is, formatting Strings. Although it sounds like a trivial task, it is necessary to format Strings correctly because not doing it can result in a lot of memory leaks as ...

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Top 10 Free Python Compilers and Interpreters

1. Introduction In this lesson, we will cover some of the Python compilers and interpreters available for Python programming language. We will try to establish the use-cases in each of the interpreters and identify if any of them are available online where we can try them without any installations. Also we will see what advantages they offer apart from specific ...

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MongoDB Index Strategies and Types of Indexes

1. MongoDB Index Strategies and Types of Indexes – Introduction MongoDB is an open-source, document-oriented, and cross-platform database which is developed in C++ and is one of the most popular and used NoSQL type databases. It works on top of JSON-like documents with key-value pairs whose schema can remain undefined across every document. Also, it is free to use as ...

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MongoDB Tutorial for Beginners

1. Introduction to MongoDB In this post, we feature a comprehensive MongoDB Tutorial that integrates with a Java-based application. Whenever we read about NoSQL databases, we need to know why were they ever developed when SQL databases were working excellent. NoSQL foundations grew upon relaxed ACID (atomicity, consistency, isolation, durability) guarantees in favour of performance, scalability, flexibility and reduced complexity. ...

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Lambda Expressions Java Tutorial

In this post, we feature a comprehensive Lambda Expressions Java Tutorial. 1. Lambda Expressions Java Tutorial – Introduction Lambda Expressions are considered as one of the best features which were introduced in Java 8. Lambda Expressions are considered as Java’s first step into the Functional Programming world. It can be seen as a function which can be created without a ...

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Spring Reactor Tutorial


In the world of RESTful services where a lot of work actually happens behind the scenes, we often have to do much of the processing in our application which doesn’t actually affect the response which needs to be sent to a real-world user. These business decisions can be taken reactively so that they do not have any impact to a ...

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Spring Apache Kafka Tutorial


In this Spring Apache Kafka lesson, we will learn how we can get started with Apache Kafka in a Spring Boot project and start producing and consuming messages on the topic of our choice. Apart from a simple project, we will deep dive into Kafka terminologies and how the concept of partitioning works in Kafka. Let’s get started. 1. Introduction With ...

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Vaadin Tutorial

1. Introduction When you are a backend developer, you know the pain which is caused when you hear people saying you can’t create UI pages built-in HTML and can’t style them in CSS. It’s like being a backend developer has its known limitations that we can play and run big production backend applications but can’t make pretty pages which actually ...

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Gradle Tutorial

1. Introduction In this lesson, we will study about Gradle, which is a build tool and a dependency management system very similar to Maven and Ant and designed specifically for building Java-based projects. Unlike Maven and Ant build systems, Gradle doesn’t use XML. It is actually built in DSL based on Groovy. The biggest advantage Groovy-based Gradle scripts provided was ...

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