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Alexey is a test developer with solid experience in automation of web-applications using Java, TestNG and Selenium. He is so much into QA that even after work he provides training courses for junior QA engineers.

#GeekListener v.10

Hello everyone! It’s 10th release of #GeekListener digest. You probably noticed that last week there wasn’t any #GeekListener activity. That’s because New Year and Christmas holidays. But for the 2 weeks period I collected a lot of interesting tweets for you! So let’s start the first overview of geeks tweets in this year! Evgeny Morozov opens the current digest with ...

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#GeekListener v.9

Merry Christmas, to everyone! Despite of holidays, I’ve found bunch of tweets, which you would probably like to read or comment. If no, just tweet better than authors of current release! So it’s time for #GeekListener v.9. Let’s start! Microservices are in trend and Dan Woods knows this. Microservices must act like fish in a pool. Each independent, but in ...

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#GeekListener v.8

Every Wednesday I release a new version of #GeekListener digest – news from software development world, mostly related to JVM, BigData and other technical stuff. I comment on developers tweets and sometimes it’s even funny. Let’s continue this glorious tradition! Meet the #GeekListener v.8! The first tweet is about old good friends Java & Scala Switching between Scala and Java ...

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Profile of successful Java developer in 2016

2015 is almost over. It’s time to summarise what was done and what wasn’t during the past year. Furthermore it’s a good time to make predictions for the next 2016 year. As you have already guessed this post is about an ideal java developer in 2016. I want to surprise you, this time I changed a format of the prediction. ...

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#GeekListener v.7

Every Wednesday I publish #GeekListener – a digest of developers tweets about Java, Scala, microservices and so on. Today isn’t exception! So be ready to spend 2-3 minutes of your time on fresh tweets and my bad humor. Meet the #GeekListener #7 Ismael Juma opens the digest with an eternal question:       17% said they are still using ...

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#GeekListener v.6

Hello hello hello! It’s time to publish a new #GeekListener digest! What was interesting during the last week? What trends in twitter among the developers? As usual, I’m going to comment on tweets which I liked more than others. By the way, on the past week was a big software development conference in Berlin – GOTO, where cool architects are ...

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#GeekListener v.5

The last week wasn’t rich in global programming events. So I have no any comments and tweets regarding fresh tech-talks. But as always I have a bunch of developers tweets about everything, starting from a philosophy and finishing with a big data. So let’s start the #GeekListener digest! Our first functional programming lover… khe-khe I mean participant is Michael O. ...

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Introduction in Java TDD – part 2

Hello again! In the previous blog post I explained TDD theory in general, without close reference to Java, but in this part we start a TDD practice. Our goal is to go through all phases of TDD: from requirement analysis to refactoring of tested code. All this we will do on example with Java, JUnit and ‘fake’ requirements. Requirements analysis ...

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#GeekListener v.4

The fourth #GeekListener is out! So what was awesome in software development world? Well from the most loud events I can recall just one – CA World. These guys talked a lot about integration of technologies and software in all business. Now we can continue with the main part of the digest – TWEETS OVERVIEW! George Watt quotes Otto Berkes… ...

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