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#GeekListener v.5

The last week wasn’t rich in global programming events. So I have no any comments and tweets regarding fresh tech-talks. But as always I have a bunch of developers tweets about everything, starting from a philosophy and finishing with a big data. So let’s start the #GeekListener digest!

Our first functional programming lover… khe-khe I mean participant is Michael O. Church!

After this tweet, I understand that we can open the first World Java Trolling Championship! The aim of this sport is to laugh at Java developers. Now only lazy don’t joke about Java. Emmm… And probably PHP… So I’m in! Java developers don’t clean up after a party, because a garbage collector does it instead.

It’s time for a motivation from Mariusz Gil!

Mariusz knows what he says! I agree! It’s hard to be 100% better each next day. So read blogs, watch YouTube! But watch out the manager, because that asshole will fire you instantly after he understood that you waste a working time.
Nice advice…

The next is a big data tweet by Russ Miles!

Russ probably describes an utopian case, because in my world a Big Data and a Data Science always start at companies after CEO’s words:

– Do you mean Hadoop?

Jacek Laskowski continues be a leader in a Spark education!

Jacek, I don’t know how many Spark stuff you have learned for the last year, but you definitely have committed more then anybody else in the Spark education. Who don’t know what I’m talking about, I recommend to read Jacek’s book about Spark.
So for me Jacek isn’t a Java Champion, he is SparkScalaAddictedGeek =)

What do you know about a hate?

Matthias Hurni gives to us his explanation about a HATE. I suppose the screenshot is made in a project in which Matthias is involved, so we have all chances to see a funny “punch in a face” video loop on Vine by Matthias.

And again about Java…

As a Java developer, I say: “I don’t scare a lambda expression syntax”. But from time to time, I really afraid of Java developers, who try to use lambdas in each line of code.

Infographics in #GeekListener!

Vala, are you kidding me? SQL? Really? I don’t know how people still think that SQL is a programming language. Even if you encrypt SQL acronym you see Structured Query Language, NOT PROGRAMMING! In the next rating I’m waiting to see HTML and CSS programming languages.

One of the most active Tweeter users:

I don’t understand the idea of online magazines too. It’s very weird to continue publish information in the offline magazine form, in the age of internet! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, read one of online Java Magazines. Just look at Medium, WordPress, Blogger etc. There you can organise a content much more efficiently!

Good practice by Yegor Bugayenko:

Well, Yegor, util classes can’t be proper objects, because they are classes. But I like the idea you have described in the article. And I’m going to use this pattern in my code.

Wrong thoughts about a big data:

Big data is only a huge amount of shit, until some data mining algorithm isn’t applied to it. And only then we can say that a Big Data gives us a DATA. So be correct in you definitions.

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Reference: #GeekListener v.5 from our JCG partner Alexey Zvolinskiy at the Fruzenshtein’s notes blog.

Alexey Zvolinskiy

Alexey is a test developer with solid experience in automation of web-applications using Java, TestNG and Selenium. He is so much into QA that even after work he provides training courses for junior QA engineers.
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