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#GeekListener v.10

Hello everyone! It’s 10th release of #GeekListener digest. You probably noticed that last week there wasn’t any #GeekListener activity. That’s because New Year and Christmas holidays. But for the 2 weeks period I collected a lot of interesting tweets for you!
So let’s start the first overview of geeks tweets in this year!

Evgeny Morozov opens the current digest with Machine Learning!

It’s true, you teach the Google search engine to look at X and in its turn it studies brilliantly! The only proof of this is Google Ads in your browser.

Devoxx advertises an microservices architecture!

Otherwise how you can explain the souvenir puzzle? Each of its parts plays a particular role in a general picture.

Good news for the conferences speakers.

Personally I like this approach. Conferences budgets are solid enough for pleasant financial bonuses for speakers.

Mickzo – I’m not afraid (C)

Come on! You’d better to start coding some shitty apps than wasting time on exams which don’t teach you anything except passing exams.

Frank van Wijk is a jedi master of this digest!

As you may guess, TDD still rocks! So learn test driven development, until it’s not too late!

Continuing a testing topic…

Remember that unit tests don’t guarantee you a well working functionality, but they help to avoid stupid bugs.

Sarah Mei has invented the entropy in testing.

Huge test suits break apart on many small tests. It’s so exciting!

The old reliable Maven is better than the weird new Gradle…

At least XML is more clear than a Groovy-like code.

Madness and courage!

Good news from Meike Mertsch

Nobody can argue a fact, that all our knowledges are useful, but nobody knows when they become really useful.

Thanks to readers for reading, thanks to writers for writing!

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Reference: #GeekListener v.10 from our JCG partner Alexey Zvolinskiy at the Fruzenshtein’s notes blog.

Alexey Zvolinskiy

Alexey is a test developer with solid experience in automation of web-applications using Java, TestNG and Selenium. He is so much into QA that even after work he provides training courses for junior QA engineers.
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