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#GeekListener v.9

Merry Christmas, to everyone! Despite of holidays, I’ve found bunch of tweets, which you would probably like to read or comment. If no, just tweet better than authors of current release! So it’s time for #GeekListener v.9. Let’s start!

Microservices are in trend and Dan Woods knows this.

Definitely Dan means that little fishes which live in Amazon River. And I still want to know what is better microservices vs monolithic.


Do you know as much about spam as Rey Rey Bethinks knows?

I think this email should get a personal Oscar in a “Nice try, man” nomination.

Shitty code on the radar!

Vyacheslav, the only one way to get rid of shitty code is to eliminate a reason of its production. But I’m afraid, that developers would be against of this =)

Briefly about a machine learning

Today they study but tomorrow will work instead of you.

How recruiters match candidate’s skills with job requirements.

Repost this post if you think so too!

Designer’s humor…

If you like this digest, you can read the previous #GeekListener v.8!

A study is always hard.

Tero, when I learned Java browser didn’t have tabs! So you are lucky =)

A little about a programmer’s holidays:

Patrick, you forgot to mention explanations of how that app works…

Thanks to readers for reading, thanks to writers for writing!

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Reference: #GeekListener v.9 from our JCG partner Alexey Zvolinskiy at the Fruzenshtein’s notes blog.

Alexey Zvolinskiy

Alexey is a test developer with solid experience in automation of web-applications using Java, TestNG and Selenium. He is so much into QA that even after work he provides training courses for junior QA engineers.
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