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#GeekListener v.6

Hello hello hello! It’s time to publish a new #GeekListener digest! What was interesting during the last week? What trends in twitter among the developers? As usual, I’m going to comment on tweets which I liked more than others. By the way, on the past week was a big software development conference in Berlin – GOTO, where cool architects are team leads were involved in different discussions, talks and panels. We will discuss it a little!

About the concurrency by Oliver Wehrens:

Paradox! As soon as developers learned how to organise a job process in parallel, the customers became angry!

Yasmina Haryono starts the digest with her doubts.

Yasmina, I’ve attended many software development conferences. I’ve noticed a tendency that most of the talks there were slightly related to technical aspects of the development. It seems that the speakers usually come to relax and take a break from routine technical stuff. So don’t hesitate to visit any of such events in the future.

Meet our next participant, who is hungry to a career adventure.

The attendees at tech conferences are confused by things said by speakers all the time. So it wasn’t an exception either. One more developer is disappointed in his job and its organisation, since the boss was mentioned. Good thought by Joe Beda now:

Totally agree and e.g. invention of LeafLet.js is a proof of this tweet. But as for me the most impressive phenomenon is the graduates of computer science who need to have 2 years of experience in order to become a Junior Java Developer. In this case students do impossible and the experience works for them :)

About the charlatans…

A developer who wears a suit:

a) marries
b) becomes a SCRUM-master

A wise idea by Brandon Hays

I want to supplement. It’s not only hard work, but also a humiliation and suffering. It depends from learning methods :)

Be careful answering on StackOverFlow…

Andy, call the police. Who knows they have in mind? Maybe their next step is to take a shit at your front door.

Andrew Byrne about testing:

True dzen. Guys, stop blaming TDD, BDD and tests in general. Nobody gives a shit, that you don’t know how to write tests and only then implement a not working functionality.

Coté about a company policies harassment:

Usually at such companies you are privileged to start looking for a new job, immediately after “wrong” tweet :)

Thanks to readers for reading, thanks to writers for writing!

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Reference: #GeekListener v.6 from our JCG partner Alexey Zvolinskiy at the Fruzenshtein’s notes blog.

Alexey Zvolinskiy

Alexey is a test developer with solid experience in automation of web-applications using Java, TestNG and Selenium. He is so much into QA that even after work he provides training courses for junior QA engineers.
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