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Best Of The Week – 2011 – W19

Hello guys,

Time for the “Best Of The Week” links for the week that just passed. Here are some links that drew JavaCodeGeeks attention:

* The Highly Useful Java TimeUnit Enum: An article that explains how to use the TimeUnit enums in order to avoid “magic numbers” and produce cleaner code when manipulating date and time.

* Unix Orchestration Roundup: Tools for Programmatic Systems Administration: Not a developer article per se, but really useful to developers as well. Provides a list of tools that can help with systems administration, automation and deployment.

* Stack Overflow Makes Slow Pages 100x Faster by Simple SQL Tuning: A short article describing how simple SQL tuning allowed Stack Overflow to increase the speed of slow pages by 100 fold. Common problems, like the N+1 Select problem, were identified and solved during the process.

* Cloud APIs and the new spaghetti factory: An article that investigates the explosion of the Cloud APIs and explores the implications of integrating one of them in an application.

* Functional Programming: A Pragmatic Introduction: A nice introduction in the world of functional programming. The presentation uses Java code samples, emphasizing the need for a mindset change in approaching coding and why the functional paradigm is useful.

* Android Basics – Applying some UI patterns: A short guide on how to apply Android UI patterns and create a nice looking interface for your application. Also check out our Android related posts and our Android Full Application Tutorial.

* Database Performance Tips You Won’t Want To Miss: Nice article providing some database performance tips. Most of them are quite known (indices, functions, bound parameters etc.), but it is always good to go back to basics.

* Continuous Delivery = Better Software, Faster: An article that describes how to leverage Continuous Delivery in order to decrease bug count, create a more robust product and establish a better product development lifecycle.

* Data Partitioning – Scaling the Database: This article discusses some of the existing ways to scale a database and focuses on data partitioning. Partitioning splits the application’s data across each of the database nodes and, if implemented correctly, can give a big boost to the system’s scalability.

* Spring Roo: A Year of Productivity: Here the author provides an overview of his experience with Spring Roo and provides a comprehensive list of articles and resources to get you started with Roo.

That’s all for this week. Stay tuned for more, here at JavaCodeGeeks.

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