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Best Of The Week – 2011 – W13

Hello guys,

Time for the “Best Of The Week” links for the week that just passed. Here are some links that drew JavaCodeGeeks attention:

* GlassFish Server 3.1 Supports JavaEE 6 Web Profile, Clustering and High Availability: An overview of some new features supported by the latest version of GlassFish application server. Those include support for the JavaEE 6 Web Profile and Full Platform, improved OSGi support, clustering and high availability (HA). We may be big fans of JBoss, but GlassFish is definitely a good alternative.

* JDK 7 JMX Platform Management Beans: A First Peek : We are slowly starting to see some of the new features of JDK 7 and one of them is the Enhanced JMX Agent and MBeans. In this article, a first peek is provided along with some simple examples. After this, you can check our older article Exposing a POJO as a JMX MBean with Spring.

* Facebook’s New Realtime Analytics System: HBase to Process 20 Billion Events Per Day: A very interesting article discussing the architecture that enables Facebook to scale to the amazing level of processing 20 billion (!) events per day. Some keywords: MySQL DB counters, In-Memory counters, MapReduce, Cassandra and HBase.

* Testing and Optimizing Single Page Web 2.0/AJAX Applications – Why Best Practices alone don’t work any more : A very helpful article describing the process of testing and optimizing AJAX enabled applications. The author focuses on what happens after the page has originally loaded, i.e. when the interaction with the page occurs.

* Groovy for Java Programmers: Groovy is steadily increasing in popularity and this presentation introduces Groovy to Java developers, outlining the conciseness and expressivity of the language and covering various topics: GStrings, Closures, collections, builders, beans, etc

* Using Spring with NoSQL Databases: Again from InfoQ, a presentation discussing NoSQL and Spring, exemplifying with Redis, Cassandra and MongoDB, and Spring Data, a project meant to provide a unified programming model for accessing NoSQL DBs.

* What is your developer’s position: An article discussing the various positions a developer might hold (junior, intermediate, senior, team lead) and how this might affect the hiring process in a company.

* Memory Analysis for Android Applications: A guide on how to use the Android SDK tools in order to anal
yze memory usage and track down possible leaks. It is possible to perform a heap dump on the Dalvik VM and use standard tools to analyze it.

* The impact of Garbage Collection on Java performance : An other interesting article discussing the impact of garbage collection on the performance of a running virtual machine.

That’s all for this week. Stay tuned for more, here at JavaCodeGeeks.

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