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How Android Studio 3.5 Improves Android App Development

In this post, we feature a comprehensive article about how Android Studio 3.5 Improves Android App Development. Android Studio has been one of the most popular tools for an Android development environment for years now, starting not long after its 2014 release. It’s seen used both on the desk of individual developers and in the offices of an Android app ...

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Memory Efficient: Eclipse vs IntelliJ (Android Studio)

Eclipse and IntelliJ are the two competing IDEs in the industry. There are lot of passionate discussion going in the social media, forums to declare the winner in this race. We thought it would be a fun exercise to study which IDE utilizes memory efficiently? Study To conduct this study, we used Eclipse Java EE Oxygen Release Milestone 2(4.7.0 M2) and ...

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Android Studio with android alternative emulator:Genymotion

Moving from Eclispe/ADT to Android Studio I was exploring some alternative configuration to improve my building environment. I came across a nice Android device emulator called Genymotion. I find it very interesting and really fast so that I decided to use it as my device emulator. In this post I will explain how to setup Android development environment using Android ...

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Android Studio Tutorial: Getting started with the new Android IDE

In May 15th, during Google’s I/O developer conference, a new developer suite called Android Studio was announced. It is a very powerful IDE based on the famous IntelliJ IDE. Android Studio offers a lot more options for Android Developers on top of InteliJ’s fantastic features and deep code analysis. And it seems that it is aimed to the Android Professionals ...

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