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He's a senior software engineer with more than 15 yrs old experience in JEE architecture. He's SCEA certified (Sun Certified Enterprise Architect), SCWCD, SCJP. He is an android enthusiast and he has worked for long time in the mobile development field.

The Best Way to Develop Android Apps Which Shows You Different Than Others

This is the era of mobile phones and the internet. Various industries make use of mobile phone applications and web software for promoting their businesses online to generate profits. Especially, mobiles are the most effective and convenient form of communication and data transfer. Android App Development is a critical point for developers. According to research, 88% of the market is ...

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Top 10 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tools For Developers

The most trending topic of technology 2019 is undoubtedly Artificial Intelligence. Big companies like Facebook, Amazon, Google, Microsoft are investing money in AI field. The most shocking thing is smartphones are also trying to incline towards AI. They are working hard in the research of this field. People nowadays are discovering ways to make their lives easy and comfortable. AI ...

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How to apply Machine Learning to Android using Fritz.ai

This article describes how to apply Machine Learning to Android using Fritz.ai. Before diving into the details about how to develop a Machine learning Android app, it is useful to describe briefly what is Fritz.ai platform. As you may know, Machine Learning is an interesting topic that is gaining importance and promises to transform several areas including the way we ...

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Device Power Management in IoT

One aspect to consider while developing an IoT project is the device power management. With the rise of Internet of Things, the optimization of the battery-operated devices is an important aspect that can make a difference. The Device Power Management in the IoT is a challenging task because a device could be always powered up and could be located everywhere. ...

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CoAP Protocol: Step by step guide

This article describes what is CoAP and how to use it in the Internet of things.  CoAP is an IoT protocol that has interesting features specifically designed for constrained devices. There are other IoT protocols useful to build IoT solution as MQTT and so on. Internet of things is nowadays a great reality and one of the most interesting and promising ...

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12 IoT Platforms overview to build IoT projects

The Internet of things is one of the fastest growing industries. Connected devices are around us: smart homes, cars, wearables and so on. Gartener predicts that 95% of the electronic products will include IoT features. When approaching to IoT projects there are several challenges we have to face. An IoT platform offers several services that simplify the project development and ...

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