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Kiran is a product developer working in medical domain. He worked on creating scalable java batch applications and is currently working on developing cross platform mobile applications. His current interests include automated testing of mobile applications.

Setting up development environment for GWT

Introduction This is part of series intended to develop cross platform mobile applications in Java. In this blog post we will see what GWT is and set up the development environment for GWT. GWT is an open source development toolkit for developing complex browser based Ajax applications. Using GWT you can develop Rich Internet Applications(RIA) in Java which is then ...

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Java 8 Date Time API Tutorial : LocalDateTime

This blogpost is a part of tutorial series on Date Time API introduced in Java 8. In this blogpost I will go over some of the methods available in LocalDateTime class. LocalDateTime is an immutable, thread safe object which represents date-time without a time-zone in the ISO-8601 calendar system, such as 2014-03-30T02:51:21. It is normally represented in year-month-day-hour-minute-second and provides accuracy ...

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Native vs Mobile Web vs Hybrid applications

We have decided on developing a mobile application, but what type of application ? There has been an ongoing debate with legitimate pros and cons of developing a Native app or a mobile web app or a Hybrid app. What are the differences between these types of apps? Native apps are built using the development tools and languages (XCode and Objective ...

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Decoding Java.Lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen Space

One of the least understood areas by Java Developers is garbage collection. Java Developers feel JVM takes care of garbage collection and they need not worry about memory allocation, deallocation etc. But as the applications grows complex, so does the garbage collection and once it is complex, the performance do get a hit. So it will benefit the Java Developers ...

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