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Spring Boot and Micrometer with Prometheus Part 5: Spinning up prometheus


Previously we got our Spring Boot Application adapter in order to expose the endpoints for prometheus.This blog will focus on setting up prometheus and configure it in order to server the Spring Boot Endpoints.So let’s get started by spinning up the prometheus server using docker. Before proceeding on spinning up prometheus we need to supply a configuration file to pull ...

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Java puzzlers from OCA part 6

Even for new Java developers, constructors are probably no big mystery. In essence, when you create an instance of a class, the constructor of this class is started. In the 6th part of Java Puzzlers series, we will see a case related to constructors. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 public class Puzzler {       public ...

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REST / Using feeds to publish events


Dealing with events When working with multiple decoupled services (e.g. in a micro service architecture) it is very likely that you need a way to publish some sort of domain event from one service to one or multiple other service(s). Many widely adopted solutions rely on a separate piece of infrastructure to solve this problem (like an event bus or ...

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That’s Two Hours I Won’t Get Back

As I’ve said before around the subject of linting, there’s a limited benefit of spending time modifying your code just because an automated tool told you to. Worse than that, these tools are not infallible. For example, we’ve been regularly adding an exclusion in for a SpotBugs warning around a perfectly innocuous try-with-resources construct, which it doesn’t quite like in ...

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Checking for Artifactory in a Jenkins Pipeline

One of my projects uses the Artifactory as the repository manager. Unfortunately when doing a Jenkins pipeline build, I sometimes forget to ensure the Artifactory server is up first and find the job has failed after running for a while. I’ve added some script to my Jenkinsfile that will check for the Artifactory server early on and fail fast if ...

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Java puzzlers from OCA part 5

In the fifth part of the Java Puzzlers series, we will see something related to X.parseX(String s) methods. You can see what we expect from X.parseX() methods. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 public class Puzzler {       public static void main(String[] args){         int i = Integer.parseInt("2");         System.out.println(i); // prints 2         } } We give ...

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