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Introduction to Spring Boot


In this tutorial, we’ll take a look at Spring Boot and see how it’s different from the Spring framework. We’ll also discuss various features offered by Spring Boot. What is the Spring Boot? Spring is a powerful framework when it comes to developing enterprise-level applications. It provides us with features like dependency injection along with supporting many other framework extensions. ...

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Identifying Code Smells In Java

As a software developer, it’s our responsibility to not only write code that works but rather write code that’s maintainable. Martin Fowler in his book Refactoring: Improving the design of existing code defines a code smell as: A surface indication that usually corresponds to a deeper problem in the system Refactoring is a process of improving the internal structure of ...

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SOLID Design Principles

Introduction: Robert C. Martin defined five object-oriented design principles: Single-Responsibility PrincipleOpen-Closed PrincipleLiskov’s Substitution PrincipleInterface Segregation Principle, andDependency Inversion Principle These together are popularly known as the SOLID principles. When designing an object-oriented system, we should try to stick to these principles wherever possible. These principles help us design a system that’s more extensible, understandable and maintainable. Using these principles can ...

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How to Launch an EC2 Instance in AWS


Hello Friends, In this tutorial,we will see how we can spin an EC2 instance in AWS in no time. Prerequisite : You should have access to the AWS console.If you don’t have AWS account already,you can click  here and and create free tier Account on AWS. How to Launch an EC2 instance in AWS Step 1 : Login to Your AWS ...

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Strategy Design Pattern In Java

The strategy design pattern is a behavioral pattern in which we have multiple algorithms/strategies for achieving a task and which algorithm/strategy to use is left for the client to choose. The various algorithm options are encapsulated in individual classes. In this tutorial, we’ll learn to implement the strategy design pattern in Java. UML Representation: Let’s first start by looking at ...

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Mediator Design Pattern In Java

In this tutorial, we’ll learn about a behavioral pattern that promotes loose coupling between several objects communicating with one another. The idea behind the Mediator design pattern is to have a central object that encapsulates how a set of objects interact. In the mediator pattern, we extract all the relationships between different classes in a separate class known as a ...

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Field Notes from an Ad-Hoc Jenkins Pipeline

I recently had a challenge. I have written a PR to improve an open source library, but the owners of that library haven’t merged it. I don’t really want to wait until they merge the library until I can use it, so I need to deploy my copy of it, with a modified version ID, to a private artifactory server. ...

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Exploring Deployment Strategies In Kubernetes

This time I will not write a lenghtly post. Instead, I’ll try to explain different deployment strategies through diagrams. This is for all those who dislike black and white terminal and prefer colors, boxes, and lines with arrows. The deployment strategies are not presented in any particular order. Serverless Deployments With Knative The flow of a request with API gateway ...

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