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How to apply Machine Learning to Android using

This article describes how to apply Machine Learning to Android using Before diving into the details about how to develop a Machine learning Android app, it is useful to describe briefly what is platform. As you may know, Machine Learning is an interesting topic that is gaining importance and promises to transform several areas including the way we ...

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Password Encoder Migration with Spring Security 5


Recently I was working in a project that used a custom PasswordEncoder and there was a requirement to migrate it to bcrypt. The current passwords are stored as hash which means it’s not possible to revert it to the original String – at least not in an easy way. The challenge here was how to support both implementations, the old ...

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Java is The Stepping Stone of Development. Learn it!

Java is one of the most used programming languages around the world. Though there are a large number of other programming languages as well, but there’s nothing that can beat Java. Java is one of those superb languages which is used to develop mobile apps, games, web apps, desktop apps and plenty of other exciting things. Also, it is proven ...

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How to Docker-ise your Java application with Maven plugin

There are two maven plugins that you can use, in order to add your Java Applicatoin into Docker in an easy way. First plugin that you can use is docker-maven-plugin from Fabric8 Second is docker-maven-plugin from Spotify Let me show you how to do it by using Fabric8 plugin. Update pom.xml Just add configuration like this into your ...

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Protocol Buffers basic stuff you need to know

Protocol Buffers is binary protocol, it was developed in Google and made publicly available. First publicly available version was Protocol Buffers version 2. Most recent implementation at the time of writing this article is Protocol Buffers version 3. Version 1 was never publicly available. Protocol buffers are Google’s language-neutral, platform-neutral, extensible mechanism for serializing structured data. Protocol buffers currently support ...

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NoSql Databases: Cassandra vs Mongo vs Redis DB Comparison


1. What are NoSql Databases? NoSql (Not only Sql) databases are non-relational databases that are horizontally scalable, persist semi or unstructured data and have flexible schemas. These databases support multiple data models such as key-value, document, column-family, graph based, in-memory etc. for managing and accessing data. NoSql databases are best suited for building modern applications, which require large data and ...

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