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Verification and Validation in Testing

You are at the right place! This is not any vocabulary building free class but a very critical evaluation of a much sought-after debate around verification and validation in the software testing world. Why do we need to know the difference between Verification and Validation? Even though they sound just about the same, they carry different meanings depending on what ...

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Why General Inheritance is Flawed and How to Finally Fix it

By leveraging composition and the final keyword in the right way, you can improve your programming skills and become a better Java programmer.   General inheritance, whereby a public class is extended over package boundaries, provides a number of challenges and drawbacks and should be avoided in almost all cases. Classes and methods can be made final meaning that subclassing is ...

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The Release of Selenium 4 (and 4.1) | Top Features to Look Into

The first-ever release of Selenium WebDriver 1.0 in 2007 has indented a lasting footprint in web automated testing. And through the years, the contributions of the Selenium project (WebDriver, Grid, and IDE) have truly transformed the way that we do quality assurance.  Fast forward to the ‘drop-in’ release of Selenium 4 and Selenium 4.1, this article narrows down the top ...

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Lambda and final variables

Introduction Lambda expressions can use the variables in the scope of the lambda expression, but only if they are final or effectively final. What is the reason for that? Why is that? It is an interesting question because the answer is not apparent and opinionated. There is only one ultimate answer, though: because that is what the Java Language Specification ...

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Parameterized tests in JavaScript with Jest

Parameterized tests are used to test the same code under different conditions. One can set up a test method that retrieves data from a data source. This data source can be a collection of objects, external file or maybe even a database. The general idea is to make it easy to test different conditions with the same test method to ...

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Spring Data Mock DAO


Warning, the following code example is suitable for a narrow range of use cases… but it’s strangely useful. When writing tests against Spring services or controllers, we may wish to mock the DAO layer completely. This can be achieved: @MockBean private MyDao myDao; And the mock dao is then wired into our services etc. However, there are situations where we’re ...

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Different Techniques Of Debugging Selenium Based Test Scripts

Writing and maintaining the test automation code is not always a piece of cake. As a matter of fact, we frequently face many scenarios where automated test cases don’t work as expected and might lead to false positive or false negative results, in such cases, debugging is the only way out. Debugging is the primary skill set that an automation ...

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