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Configuring plain Java projects using MicroProfile Config


If you’re in the Enterprise Java space, you’re probably aware that you can use MicroProfile Config to configure your applications. This also works with plain Java projects, without an enterprise runtime, by using a MicroProfile implementation such as Smallrye. In this video, I’m showing how to do this, and in which circumstances it might be helpful: The example uses a ...

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A Comprehensive Guide On JUnit 5 Extensions

JUnit is one of the most popular unit testing frameworks in the Java ecosystem. The JUnit 5 version (also known as Jupiter) contains many exciting innovations, including support for new features in Java 8 and above. However, many developers still prefer to use the JUnit 4 framework since certain features like parallel execution with JUnit 5 are still in the ...

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Cloud Run for Anthos: Deploying a Service

Introduction In this article, I will demonstrate how to create and deploy a service with Cloud Run for Anthos. You can go through my previous article to understand the basics of Cloud Run for Anthos. Pre-requisites A Google Cloud project preferably with Owner access.A basic understanding of Cloud Run for AnthosFair understanding of Kubernetes Setting up a GKE Cluster Cloud ...

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Cloud Run for Anthos

Introduction The word serverless took the world by storm. Let’s talk a bit about this concept called serverless. We all know serverless means running a piece of code on cloud without worrying about the underlying infrastructure – also called as ‘function as a service’. This is what we call a programming model of serverless. There is another perspective or dimension ...

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Why is it Important to Test Your Mobile Apps on Different Devices?

The Technology involved in mobile devices is changing rapidly. Mobile phones have literally personalized the choices in our lives, experts forecast that the future devices will enable us to get much done without moving an inch or a finger. The rapid growth of the app industry and the various apps that are being released on a daily basis are making ...

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Understanding Responsive Web Design and Responsive Design Testing

Responsive Design Testing has been a key factor in enhancing our access to information through various digital devices and responsive web design. Things that seemed like herculean tasks years ago, have become a cakewalk for the future generations. I can still remember running pillar to post when I had to work on school projects back in 2005, when computers were ...

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Agile Approaches Offer Strategic Advantage; Agile Tools are Tactics, Part 1

A number of my clients confuse their strategic ideas with tactical work. They think that the agile tools they use, such as boards, offer a strategic advantage. So they build or customize their tools. However, they adopt or “install” an agile framework or process without customization. Those actions lead to organizational brittleness. Instead, agile organizations need flexibility, not rigidity. Let’s ...

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DevOps Orchestration | Your Next Investment after Automation

Automation is a hot issue for businesses of all sizes, across all industries. Whether you work in IT or not, you’ve probably heard of automation as a method to save money, improve efficiency, and minimize errors. However, following automation, you may be wondering what action to take next, or if there are any obstacles that are restraining your DevOps teams.  ...

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