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Using FreeCodeCamp as an experienced developer

I am an experienced Full stack Developer specializing in Java, Javascript and React. This is a broad skill set, and you quickly become aware of your strengths and weaknesses. This blog post is about my experience of using FreeCodeCamp as an experienced developer to address my weakness in CSS. I first started experimenting with Html and writing web pages around ...

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PMML revisited

Hi folks! The beginning of this year brings with it the initiative to re-design the Drools PMML module.In this post I will describe how we are going to approach it, what’s the current status, ideas for future development, etc. etc so… stay tuned! Background PMML is a standard whose aim is to “provide a way for analytic applications to describe ...

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Fat vs. Skinny Design

It seems that type/class hierarchies in OOP may be designed in two extreme ways: either with full encapsulation of data in mind; or with just a few interfaces making raw data visible, and letting classes deal with it, parse it, and turn it into smaller data elements. You may be surprised, but I’m suggesting the second option is more elegant. ...

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Distributed tracing for dummies


Tracing provides visibility into a system allowing the developers and operations to observe the application during runtime. Tracing becomes extremely valuable when the systems are growing and interacting with more microservices. In such environments the traces are awesome in localizing the failures and bottlenecks causing poor performance. In this post we are setting you up for understanding the tracing in ...

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Where Is This Coming From?

In enterprise software the top one question you have to answer as a developer almost every day is “Where is this coming from?”. When trying to fix bugs, when developing new features, when refactoring. You have to be able to trace the code flow and to figure out where a certain value is coming from. And the bigger the codebase ...

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Why does AOTB have its own submission system?

Anyone who has submitted to Agile on the Beach in the last few years will have used our submission system: Mimas. Like so many other conference we, or rather I, created our own system. “Why does AOTB have its own submission system?” Flippant but true answer: because nobody else (yet) has decided to share out system. I’m more than happy ...

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