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Selenium Testing For Effective Test Automation

While there is a substantial increment in the mobile apps market share, web apps are still prevalent with a significant user base. Enterprises are focusing on the quality at speed when it comes to web apps, before deployment. This is where testing has an important role to play. UI testing is still mostly a manual process unlike some functional testing ...

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How to become a better Software Developer

This blog post contains my personal experience and opinions on how to become a better developer. Let’s get it straight, a software developer is not the same as a programmer. Roughly speaking, a programmer can follow instructions and specifications and turn it into code. A software developer can code as well, but their main job is finding ways to solve ...

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How to capture Heap Dumps from Android App? – 3 Options

Heap Dumps are vital artifacts to diagnose memory-related problems such as memory leaks, Garbage Collection problems, and java.lang.OutOfMemoryError. They are also vital artifacts to optimize memory usage as well. In this article, we have given few different options to capture Heap Dumps from Android Apps. Once you have captured heap dumps, you can use great tools like HeapHero and Android studio’s heap analyzer to ...

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Consider Product Options with Minimum Outcomes

Do you have trouble fitting “all” of the necessary work into an iteration? Your managers might want to push you to do more. Or, the product owner thinks you can do more. Or, the team wants to do more (see Beating a Team’s Goal.) Agile approaches are not about doing more. Agile approaches encourage us to do the least we ...

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Your code is redundant, live with it!

This article is about necessary and unavoidable code redundancy and discusses a model of code redundancy that helps to understand why source code generators do what they do, why they are needed at all. Intro The code you write in Java, or for that matter in any other language, is redundant. Not by the definition that says (per Wikipedia page ...

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JUnit 5 and Selenium – Setup the project with Gradle, JUnit 5 and Jupiter Selenium

Selenium is a set of tools and libraries supporting browser automation and it is mainly used for web applications testing. One of the Selenium’s components is a Selenium WebDriver that provides client library, the JSON wire protocol (protocol to communicate with the browser drivers) and browser drivers. One of the main advantages of Selenium WebDriver is that it supported by ...

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All you need to know about System.gc()


In this article, we have attempted to answer the most common questions around System.gc() API call. We hope it may be of help. What is System.gc()? System.gc() is an API provided in java, Android, C# and other popular languages. When invoked it will make its best effort to clear accumulated unreferenced object (i.e. garbage) from memory. Who invokes System.gc()? System.gc() ...

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Spring Method Security with PreAuthorize


Friends don’t let friends write user auth. Tired of managing your own users? Try Okta’s API and Java SDKs today. Authenticate, manage, and secure users in any application within minutes. This tutorial will explore two ways to configure authentication and authorization in Spring Boot using Spring Security. One method is to create a WebSecurityConfigurerAdapter and use the fluent API to override the ...

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Flutter Firebase Authentication Tutorial

In this post on Flutter firebase authentication, we’ll take a look as to how we can authenticate users to our firebase app using firebase’s flutter plugin. If you’re not familiar with flutter, I’d recommend reading this before going ahead. It’ll give you a basic idea about flutter and help you along with this tutorial. We’ll be creating a basic ...

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