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Jdbi for SaaS & NoSQL

A natural interface for Java-based data integration with CRM, ERP, Accounting, Marketing Automation, NoSQL, flat files and more Jdbi is a SQL convenience library for Java that provides JDBC with a more natural Java database interface that’s easy to bind to domain data types. The library includes building blocks that allow developers to more easily map relationships and objects within ...

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Spring MVC Tutorial


1. Introduction As an Enterprise Java Developer, one of the main focus in the job is developing web applications. With a web application, many challenges also come into the picture as consequences. To be specific, some of these are state management, workflow and validations. The HTTP protocol’s stateless nature only make things more complex. The Spring’s web framework is designed ...

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Spring Boot & JPA & Hibernate & Oracle


In this tutorial we show how to create a Spring Boot application that communicates with an Oracle data source through Hibernate. Prerequisites: Eclipse IDE (neon release) Maven 4 Java 1.8 1- Create maven project Open eclipse, then create a new maven project and name it as SpringBootHibernate. At the end of this tutorial, we’ll get the following project structure: 2- ...

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Optional.isEmpty() Coming to Java?

JDK-8184693 requests that the method isEmpty() be added to the Optional class introduced with JDK 8. Invoking Optional.isEmpty() would be the equivalent of invoking !Optional.isPresent(). There is no JDK release currently associated with JDK-8184693, but it is being actively worked as demonstrated in a recent core-libs-dev mailing list post titled “RFR: 8184693: (opt) add Optional.isEmpty“. Written by Stuart Marks in ...

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Working with Glide – Vendor Package Management for Go

In this post, we will use Glide to manage the dependencies of a Go project. Before starting, let me give you a brief introduction about Glide. What is Glide? Glide is a package manager for Go that is conceptually similar to package managers for other languages such as NPM for Node.js, Pip for Python, and so forth which records dependency ...

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Interacting with Cassandra using the Datastax Java driver

I’m back with more Cassandra and Java integration today this time focusing on using the Datastax Java driver rather than Spring Data Cassandra which I have already written about quite a lot. The Datastax driver is actually used by Spring Data to interact with Cassandra but comes with some extra goodies built on top of it. But we don’t want ...

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The New Way of Handling Java Errors Before They Hit Production

How we realized the old way of solving errors in pre-production is not enough, and how we were able to change that There’s no such thing as perfect code on the first try, and we can all testify that we’ve learned that the hard way. It doesn’t matter how many test cycles, code reviews or tools we use, there’s always ...

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JVM Architecture: Execution Engine in JVM

Hello readers! In the previous article of JVM series, developers learned about the Virtual machine’s ClassLoader and Runtime Data Areas components. This tutorial will help developers to correctly understand the Execution Engine in JVM. 1. Introduction Before moving further let’s take a look at the Java Virtual Machine and its basic characteristics. 1.1 What is Java Virtual Machine (JVM)? Java ...

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