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What is Test Monitoring and Test Control?

In the field of App Testing, QA managers and other senior testing professionals must implement different test management approaches such as Test monitoring and control to ensure that the test suite runs smoothly. These essential management strategies are required by the managers to track and align the test progress for optimal accuracy and efficiency. What is Test Monitoring? Test monitoring ...

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Scaling DevOps & Preserving Software Quality: 4 Best Practices

DevOps is no silver bullet, and without the correct execution, it is just another catchphrase. So, the adoption of DevOps needs an understanding of the different challenges that it will bring inherently. For example, one of the most significant challenges in scaling your DevOps is keeping up with the market pace while preserving the software quality. Take an example of ...

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See and Resolve Team Dependencies, Part 3: Some Component Teams, Some Feature Team

Continuing the series on dependencies… Maybe you don’t have the problem where the team creates internal dependencies with their process. And you don’t have to wait for someone outside the team to approve your work—an organizational process. But you do have a combination of platform/component teams and feature teams. I see this most often in products similar to the Integrated ...

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Real-time planning meets SolverManager

For some optimization problems it may take minutes or even hours before an acceptable solution is found. The world, however, will not wait until the computation is finished. What if an employee calls in sick or a vehicle breaks down? With OptaPlanner, you can either reload the updated problem, or react in real time by submitting a ProblemChange. Before we look ...

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Complete Automation Testing – Is It Feasible?

It is a fact that software testing is time and resources consuming. Testing the software can be observed from different perspectives. It can be divided based on what we are testing. For example, each deliverable in the project, like the requirements, design, code, documents, user interface, etc., should be tested. Moreover, we may test the code based on the user and ...

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From Manual to Automation: 5 Essential Steps

Manual Testing vs. Automation Testing Being a manual tester is a mentally-taxing career. It is basically part of the job to be stressed out by the number of tests and stretched thin by tight deadlines. In the middle of this chaos, have you ever wondered ”Shouldn’t this huge amount of tests be automated?”. How to Switch From Manual to Automation ...

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Garbage Collection tuning success story – reducing young gen size

When you tune Garbage collection performance, you are not only improving Garbage collection pause time but also the overall application’s response time and reducing cloud computing cost. Recently we helped to tune the Garbage collection behavior of a popular application. Just by making a minor change, it resulted in a dramatic improvement. Let’s discuss this garbage collection tuning success story ...

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