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Importance of DevOps Automation in 2021

Introduction This year, many businesses have seen tremendous digital transformations because of the prevailing pandemic. As organizations were forced to adjust their ways to deliver their services to the customers. The pandemic pushed enterprises to realize how important it was to invest in and fully adopt DevOps automation. The IT world saw an evolution in the technology platforms, practices, and ...

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Shorten the SDLC With DevTestOps in Agile | Why Teams Do It

DevTestOps and DevOps – Not Just Another Hype Don’t worry. DevTestOps isn’t another new term to create turbulence in our IT and DevOps world.  Similar to other topologies like DevSecOps, which emphasizes more on the “Sec,” or security matters, DevTestOps stresses the aspect of continuous testing and CI/CD in DevOps.  At the same time, to uphold the culture of saying ...

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Clarify the Difference Between Outputs, Outcomes, and Benefits

When I sent my newsletter last month, Modern Management: Want Valuable Outcomes? Create Overarching Goals, several readers asked me questions. Why did I differentiate between outputs, outcomes, and benefits? I decided that was worth a blog post. Here’s how I define and use the terms. Outputs By themselves, a customer can’t use an output. We might use them as a ...

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The Case of the Missing JEPs

The JDK Enhancement-Proposal (JEP) process is “for collecting, reviewing, sorting, and recording the results of proposals for enhancements to the JDK and for related efforts, such as process and infrastructure improvements.” JEP 0 is the “JEP Index” of “all JDK Enhancement Proposals, known as JEPs.” This post provides a brief overview of current JDK Enhancement Proposals and discusses the surprisingly ...

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Surprisingly High Cost of Java Variables with Capitalized Names

I’ve read hundreds of thousands or perhaps even millions of lines of Java code during my career as I’ve worked with my projects’ baselines; read code from open source libraries I use; and read code examples in blogs, articles, and books. I’ve seen numerous different conventions and styles represented in the wide variety of Java code that I’ve read. However, ...

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How much faster is Java 17?

Java 17 (released yesterday) comes with many new features and enhancements. However, most of those require code changes to benefit from. Except for performance. Simply switch your JDK installation and you get a free performance boost. But how much? Is it worth it? Let’s find out by comparing the benchmarks of JDK 17, JDK 16 and JDK 11. Benchmark methodology ...

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KivaKit resources


A resource is a stream of data that can be opened, read from or written to, and then closed. KivaKit provides a resource mini-framework that allows easy and consistent access to many types of resources, and it makes it easy to create new resources. Examples of KivaKit resources include: FilesSocketsZip or JAR file entriesS3 objectsPackage resourcesHDFS filesHTTP responsesInput streamsOutput streams ...

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KivaKit command line parsing


The kivakit-commandline module provides the switch and argument parsing used by kivakit-application. Let’s take a look at how this works. When an Application starts up (see KivaKit applications), the[] arguments) method uses the kivakit-commandline module to parse the argument array passed to main(). Conceptually, this code looks like this: public final void run(String[] arguments) { onRunning(); [...] commandLine = ...

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Kubernetes pod as a Bastion Host

In Cloud Native apps private networks, databases and services are a reality. An infrastructure can be fully private and only a limited number of entry points can be available. Obviously the more restricted the better. Still there are cases where there has not been any infrastructure setup for the private services and ways to link towards them. however if there ...

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