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Cloud Bigtable – Write and Retrieval

This is a quick write up based on a few days of experimentation with Cloud Bigtable, with the following objectives: 1. Using an emulator for local development 2. A high level schema design with retrieval patterns in mind 3. Finding records Emulator Cloud Bigtable emulator provides a way to test the Bigtable functionality locally.  Setting up the emulator is easy and is ...

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Java ArrayList Insert/Replace At Index

A quick guide to insert or replace the element at the specified index in java. 1. Overview In this tutorial, We’ll learn how to insert or replace an element at a specified index into ArrayList java. Use the ArrayList.add(int index, Object value) method to add any object or element at the specific index of ArrayList and use ArrayList.set(int index, E  ...

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[Fixed] Java lang exceptionininitializererror com sun tools javac code typetags

A quick guide to fix java lang exceptionininitializererror com sun tools javac code typetags with maven. 1. Overview In this tutorial, We’ll learn how to fix the error “Java lang exceptionininitializererror com sun tools javac code typetags” when working with maven build. How to create maven project? 2. Fix 1 – Java lang exceptionininitializererror com sun tools javac code typetags ...

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The Complete Ethical Hacking Masterclass

Go From Beginner to Advanced in the Ethical Hacking Essentials Hey fellow geeks, This week, on our JCG Deals store, we have another extreme offer. We are offering a massive 92% off on The Complete Ethical Hacking Masterclass. Get it now with only $15 instead of the original price of $199. MyPut yourself on the path to becoming a bona ...

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Java Program to Find the Biggest of 3 Numbers

A Simple Java Program To Find Largest Of Three Numbers. 1. Overview In this w3schools java programming series, You’ll be learning today how to find the biggest of 3 numbers. This is also a very basic interview question. But the interviewer will look for the optimized and fewer lines code. We will show you all the possible programs and how ...

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Why Node.js is Great for Backend Development?

There is no denying that every business wants to provide a seamless experience to its users through its app. And this can be achieved by making the backend of the app strong. Node.js is the one that’s becoming the first choice of businesses for developing scalable mobile and web applications. The USA alone has over 41,000 websites created using Node ...

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5 Mistakes to Look Out for in React Native App Development

In this article, we will explain 5 mistakes to look out for in React Native App Development. There’s no denying that React Native is among the best and the most used cross-platform mobile development frameworks irrespective of the time period. Why is it so popular? Both developers and entrepreneurs have been using this open-source UI-centric framework for its various benefits ...

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