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Leading Through Shared Goals

As a product manager or product owner, you guide and lead the development team and stakeholders. But you usually don’t have the authority to tell people what to do. Creating alignment and ensuring that everybody is moving in the same direction can consequently feel like herding cats. Luckily, there is a solution: working with shared, connected goals, as I explain ...

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Getting started with Internet of things using Arduino and Google

Getting started with Internet of things using Arduino and Google helps us to explore the new upcoming technological revolution. This tutorial describes how to experiment Internet of things using Arduino and Google. IoT (aka Internet of things) is one of the most important technological trends nowadays. In this post, we want to explore how to build an IoT project using Arduino ...

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Comparing Envoy and Istio Circuit Breaking With Netflix OSS Hystrix

When we build services architectures (Service Oriented Architecture, Microservices, the next incarnation, etc), we end up making a lot more calls over the network. The network is perilous. We try to build redundancy into our services so that we can experience failures in our system and still move forward and process customer requests. An important part of this puzzle of ...

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Decoding the Eclipse IP Policy: Third Party Dependencies

The term Intellectual Property (IP) refers to any sort of creative work, be it literature, art, or software. In the realm of open source software, artifacts like source code, documentation, and images are considered intellectual property. Unless otherwise stated, intellectual property is the property of its creator, who may grant permission for others to use that intellectual property by providing ...

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Best Practices When Versioning a Release

Ever wondered how to version a release of your software? Ever looked around at the software you’re using and asked what their approach is, or whether you should use it? Have you ever been confused as to which approach to take? I get it, software, like any complex human endeavor, isn’t easy; and release versioning is no different. What’s more, ...

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Teach Them The Language First

I wanted to write this article for some time now, but I wasn’t sure if it’s such a spread phenomenon or maybe just my experience. This tweet made me decide to write it. I think these days, frameworks and platforms have grown and have abstracted our work so much that it is very easy to spend 10 years in a ...

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