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Low-Code, Rapid Application Development and Digital Transformation

Recently, many low-code/no-code solutions have gained speed in the enterprise, giving non-technical people the option to create simple applications. Analysts predict that the low-code industry will grow by 20+% each year. But what is low-code, why is it getting so popular and what are the issues with it? Low-code is something that we’ve occasionally seen in the past decades – ...

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Seriously How Long!?

I mentioned the delay caused by a slow build when talking about the costs of tweaking code that has a slow build. Let’s define what a slow build is. It’s slow if it takes over 4 minutes. If it’s a test that takes over 30 seconds it’s also slow. Builds are Slower Than This Dude I’m fully aware that many ...

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How to Install Maria DB, create Database and Execute Queries

Hello Friends, In this tutorial,we will see : 1. How to Install Maria DB2. How to connect to Maria DB,Create Database and Execute Queries 1. How to Install Maria DB 1.1 Go to following link and click on “Download 10.4.12 Stable Now!” button.As of writing this post,latest stable release of Maria DB is 10.4.12.Please check for latest stable release when you  ...

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What Is Parallel Testing And Why To Adopt It?

With the advancement in technology, testing solutions have become more scalable than ever, as organizations moved to Selenium test automation from manual testing. But, one area that most organizations are still struggling with is the scalability to run multiple tests in parallel. Many corporations are still using sequential testing methods to deliver quality assurance, which consumes a lot of time, ...

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Using IdeaVim with IntelliJ

I’ve been a VIM user for a few years and I’m also using the IdeaVim plugin in IntelliJ. The following configuration and features helped me a lot. You can configure the same keymappings that you have in your regular VIM in the ~/.ideavimrc file.Setting idearefactormode to keep makes the behavior of refactorings such as renamings more deterministic.In a dialog hitting ...

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11 Ways To Manage Distributed Testing Teams Effectively

With the outbreak of COVID-19, organizations all over the world are forced to ask their employees to work from home. It’s likely that you haven’t worked with a completely distributed team, let alone manage one. For testing teams, who usually share an office, this brings a new set of challenges-How to monitor your testing teams’ efficiency when you can’t supervise ...

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