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kdb+/q – Display a Table as a Tree

This post shows how you can convert a keyed table to a hierarchical tree format in kdb+/q. This could be useful if you want to display data as a tree widget in a front-end. Consider the following keyed table of world populations: 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 continent     country        city            | ...

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Significance Of Scriptless Test Automation In The World Of Automation Testing

In this evolution of technology, the level of test automation has significantly increased not only in terms of quantity but as well in quality. A lot of companies are now switching to test automation using different tools and technologies to achieve their business goals. Every organization dreams of increased productivity with faster development and quality delivery in a cost-effective manner ...

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Common anti-patterns in Go

It has been widely acknowledged that coding is an art, and like every artisan who crafts wonderful art and is proud of them, we as developers are also really proud of the code we write. In order to achieve the best results, artists constantly keep searching for ways and tools to improve their craft. Similarly, we as developers keep levelling ...

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Seeing Through Frosted Glass

One of the solutions to code quality is peer review. Some suggest that pairing – i.e. live peer review – is the only answer, I’m more flexible. There’s every reason to believe that someone reviewing the code, fresh, will spot something that the writer didn’t notice. However, the chances of finding a mistake, or being able to work on the ...

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Development workflows that put you in a flow state (Video)

Programming is very much a flow activity in which we can fully immerse ourselves into the task. But there are differences in how much our local development setup allows us to do so, especially with regards to the waiting times. In this video, I’m showing what to consider in our development environments to come up with a setup that enables ...

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The Right Kind of Failure

Basic question: why do we write our tests first and make sure they go red? Answer: because it’s possible that a test we write to test a feature after the fact would go green anyway, because it’s not really testing the feature properly… or there’s a chance that we write a test, it fails, and then we have a lot ...

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