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Auto-numbered Callouts in Asciidoctor

Asciidoctor 1.5.8 comes with a really nice feature which is called autonumber callouts, so you do not have to specify the number of the callout, but just a generic character (.) and then at rendering time, Asciidoctor will set the name correctly. See the next example shows the number and auto-number feature for callouts: = My Code :source-highlighter: highlightjs == ...

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Test-Driven Development – you are doing it wrong!

Test-Driven Development is one of those techniques that somehow is not as widely used as it should be. I know a lot of developers who can agree on the benefits it brings. Yet the same developers, when asked about practicing TDD, answer: “it does not work for me”.When I tried to understand the “why” behind this statement, they start to ...

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Microservices for Java Developers: Managing Security and Secrets

1. Introduction Security is an exceptionally important element of the modern software systems. It is a huge topic by itself which includes a lot of different aspects and should never come as an afterthought. It is hard to get everything right, particularly in the context of the distributed microservice architecture, nonetheless along this part of the tutorial we are going ...

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10 Critical Tips to Learn Programming Faster

If you have taken a call to grow your career in the information technology sector, knowledge of coding is essential. It is the most in-demand skill in the industry. Thus, the programming knowledge you gain and practice, in the beginning, is priceless. Learning the art of programming can be a bit of a struggle for some. However, knowing some ways ...

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Improve Your Release Process With Trunk-Based Development

As software developers, our main aim is to improve our businesses by releasing great content to our customers. Releasing and evolving that content creates real positive business impact. I work within a group of developers trying to achieve this goal. As is the case in many technology businesses, we work in small teams introducing new features to a legacy application ...

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Hidden Treasures of Eclipse Collections

Eclipse Collections is an open source Java Collections framework. Please refer to the resources at the end of the blog for more information about the framework. In this blog I am going to demonstrate five lesser known features of the framework. distinct(): When you want to get unique items in your List the typical way to get them is to ...

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