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Microservices for Java Developers: Monitoring and Alerting

1. Introduction In this last part of the tutorial we are going to talk about the topic where all the observability pillars come together: monitoring and alerting. For many, this subject belongs strictly to operations and the only way you know it is somehow working is when you are on-call and get pulled in. Table Of Contents 1. Introduction 2. ...

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What are we Testing Again?

This is a general case around Test Data in the Test Smells. Let’s have a look at a test snippet: 1 2 3 4 5 @Test void dayPercentile() {     assertThat(DayPercentileCalculator.calculate(EXAMPLE_1))         .isEqualTo(EXAMPLE1_EXPECTED); } What does this test tell us? Here’s what I think it tells me: There is a DayPercentileCalculatorIt has a calculate methodWe’re looking at the output of that methodWe’re ...

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Chain of Memory Hogs

As we saw in The Structural Bug, the composition of functions can itself be a problem. On top of that, as we move to containerised apps, where we’re starting to run software on microscopic machines, it becomes more important than it used to be to worry about things like memory consumption and resource usage. Programming languages like Java and JavaScript ...

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Small Simple Things

Definition of Software Development Success You can’t build a huge perfect thing all in one go. You can’t work in a team on huge things and expect them to connect together after long delays. Software development is part construction, part curation, and part discovery. We come up with a good idea, try something of it out, refine the good bits, ...

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Git Essentials Crash Course

Introduction This is not Java but several newbie developers ask the same question, how to use GIT and how does GIT works so here it goes… Have you ever work in SVN? Well forget everything you know and lets start over What is a GIT repo? In general there are two mirror repos. Your local repo and the remote repo. ...

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Revising the Eclipse IP Policy: Third Party Content

The Eclipse Foundation is in the process of making a major update to our Intellectual Property Policy. A big part of this update is a change in the way that we will manage third party content.  In the context of the Eclipse IP Policy, “third party content” is content that is leveraged by the Eclipse open source project, but not ...

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