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Throttling MQTT Data

Introduction Most MQTT brokers currently available on the market provide native support for WebSockets, thus enabling any MQTT JavaScript library to establish communications by encapsulating MQTT messages into WebSocket frames: this is called MQTT Over WebSocket. The great benefit of this approach is to allow all modern browsers, including those running on smartphones, to send and receive MQTT messages. This has ...

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Switching From One Programming Language to Another: The Benefits of Being Flexible

Any specialist should expand their knowledge and skills if they want to become the best. This applies to many areas, including coding. Programming languages evolve ​​regularly, and projects are becoming more demanding. Today, it is not enough to know only one language. Even guru programmer Joel Spolsky states that there are at least four languages that can make you a ...

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How to use github pages as your Helm Charts repository

So you want to publish the Helm chart you’ve created and pushed the source to Github, and for a reason, you don’t want to or can’t publish them to the list of curated Helm charts ? Follow this quick guide to automate the publication of Helm charts to your Github pages hosted Helm repository; we’ll use as an example the ...

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The Best Free Automation Tools for Software Testing

There are free automation tools for functional and performance testing automation of desktop and web applications. In this tutorial, we will see the software testing automation tools for application functionality testing and load testing. Table Of Contents 1. Overview 2. The Best Free Automation Tools for Software Testing 2.1. Desktop Testing Automation Tools 2.2. Web Application Testing Automation Tools 2.3. ...

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What is PaaS? Platform-as-a-Service Types Explained

There’s no single PaaS for everyone. Even the definition of this cloud computing service model is quite vague today. Commonly, it is described as a cloud hosting platform with a set of deployment and scaling automation, application management and DevOps tools that can be run on shared infrastructure or on-premise. Also, PaaS eliminates the complexity of building and maintaining the ...

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3 Steps to Plan a Fantastic User Experience

User experience (UX) is the process of designing products—in this case software programs or apps—so that they provide a meaningful and relevant experience to the end user. The field of user-centered design took off after Don Norman, the “father of UX,” published his book: The Design of Everyday Things. Norman opened his readers’ eyes to the wider context of user ...

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