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Dogfooding the Eclipse Dash License Tool

There’s background information about this post in my previous post. I’ve been using the Eclipse Dash License Tool on itself. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 $ mvn dependency:list | grep -Poh "\S+:(system|provided|compile)$" | java -jar licenses.jar - Querying Eclipse Foundation for license data for 7 items. Found 6 items. Querying ClearlyDefined for license data for 1 items. Found ...

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How to set up QA processes!

“QA is a bottleneck!” We often come across such a statement. I was working with a startup offering travel services. They never had a QA process before I joined, and they wanted me to set up one soon. While talking to the CTO, I learned that the application was growing as fast as the massive user base. So app crashes ...

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Blockchainizing Existing Databases

Blockchain has been a buzzword for the past several years and it hasn’t lived to its promises (yet). The value proposition usually includes vague claims about trust and unmodifiability, but rarely that has brought demonstrable improvement to existing processes. There are dozens of blockchain projects, networks, protocols, “standards”, and all of them can in some way help you solve either ...

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Data encoding and storage

Data encoding and storage formats are evolving fields. It has seen so many changes starting from naive text-based encoding to advance compact nested binary format. Selecting correct encoding/storage format has big impact on application performance and how easily it can evolve. Data encoding has big impact on whether application is backward/forward compatible. Selecting right encoding format can be one of ...

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Software Development – Code at your Best, Automate the Rest

When pioneering manufacturers first coined the term “automation” in the 1940s, it was mostly tied to “the replacement of humans with machines.” Decades later, automation has evolved beyond gigantic robots and self-driving machines: from IoT chips, to automation testing software. It isn’t a surprise when automation is gaining popularity in the testing field. This article will give you an overview ...

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