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How to Query InfluxDB

InfluxDB is a popular time series database and I am here to show you how to query it. It uses a SQL-like (or to be totally honest, an “almost-SQL”) language. SELECT * FROM "foodships" WHERE time > now() - 1h This language has worked and been supported in InfluxDB since day one and it has both pros and cons: It’s ...

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TDD is like working out

We all know that exercise is good for us, members of the species Homo Sapiens Sitonourasses. And yet most of us don’t do enough of it. The same is true for Test-Driven Development (TDD). But the similarity doesn’t end there. With regular exercise, you can grow your muscles. The way this works is not linear, however. It follows an upward ...

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The state of programming languages and frameworks

As a professional software delivery person, I like to keep on top of technology trends and “where the market might be going”. Over the last decade and a half, quite a few languages and frameworks have come and gone and very few have had any real staying power. In order to be marketable and knowledgable in things that “people want ...

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Debugging Patterns for Resource Leaks

In software engineering a design pattern is a guideline for solving commonly-seen problems in software design. While design patterns for software engineering and development are widely used, there is not a lot of meaningful material on patterns specifically for software debugging. There are some mentioned in the wiki page but as you can see, the patterns just provide a high-level ...

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Product Discovery Tips

Product discovery refers to the activities required to determine if and why a product should be developed. Carrying out this work makes it more likely to create a product users actually want and need. In this article, I share my recommendations to help you reflect on and improve your product discovery work. Bring the Right People Together Product discovery is ...

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The Road to Cloud Native

In a world of numerous programming trends, companies are starting to boast about how they’re becoming “cloud native.” This declaration might seem full of hot air and pretension, however, there’s a huge value to embracing what cloud native truly is. In short, cloud native is an approach to creating and deploying applications that fully taps into the advantages of delivering, ...

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