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Gluten-Free Management Recipes

We live in the era of organic food, eco-friendly toilets, zero-emission cars, and harassment-free offices. Our management practices have to keep up—they must be zero-stress, conflict-free, and idiot-friendly. If you’re still stuck in the old carrot-and-stick, mediocrity-intolerant, primitive mentality, these recipes will open your eyes.               Be Positive. You must remember that keeping people ...

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[MEGA DEAL] Cybersecurity Certification Mega Bundle (93% off)

Study for the CISA, CISM, & CISSP Exams & Jumpstart a New Career Hey fellow geeks, This week, on our JCG Deals store, we have an extreme offer. We are offering a massive 93% off on The Cybersecurity Certification Mega Bundle. Get it now with only $69, instead of its original price of $999.00. Cybersecurity Certification Mega Bundle Cybersecurity is ...

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The use of proxy indicators in service management

Operating any non-trivial IT-service is a complex exercise. There are multiple aspects one needs to bear in mind while building a good operations team. One of such aspects is transparency in the service level quality. In order to avoid confusion and blame games, every good operations team has agreed upon certain quality level the service operated must be matching. The ...

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“Architect” Should Be a Role, Not a Position

What happens when a senior developer becomes…more senior? It often happens that they get promoted to “architect”. Sometimes an architect doesn’t have to have been a developer, if they see “the bigger picture”. In the end, there’s often a person that holds the position of “architect”; a person who makes decisions about the architecture of the system or systems being ...

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Why Do You Contribute to Open Source?

You probably remember my half-a-year-old article: Why Don’t You Contribute to Open Source?. I said there that if you don’t have your own OSS projects or don’t give anything back to those you’re using—something is wrong with you. Now I’m talking to those who actually do contribute without demanding anything back—guys, you’re doing it wrong!           ...

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Test coach versus test specialist, impact on queues

I recently had a very interesting conversation with a group of skilled testers on whether or not there should always be a test specialist in a cross-functional team.                 Coaching developers in testing practices helps their teams succeed, forcing them to retain a specialist doesn't, if not in the short term — Augusto ...

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Microservices Patterns With Envoy Sidecar Proxy: The series

I’ve blogged in the past about “how I’m excited for a ‘2.0’ microservices stack” and what some of that entails. I even tried to lay out why service interaction/conversations and the network are the hardest parts of a practical microservices implementation. In this (and a next series of posts) post, I’d like to start to go a bit deeper. With ...

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