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Getting started with ANTLR: building a simple expression language

This post is part of a series. The goal of the series is to describe how to create a useful language and all the supporting tools. Building a lexerBuilding a parserCreating an editor with syntax highlightingBuild an editor with autocompletionMapping the parse tree to the abstract syntax treeModel to model transformationsValidationGenerating bytecode After writing this series of posts I refined ...

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Demystifying the Event Driven Architecture – An open solution (part 3)

High throughput, resiliency, scalability and speed—are you searching for a way to leverage microservice integration to handle all the event-driven communications in your growing architecture landscape Search no further. This series of articles guides you through the world of integration using microservice architecture and specifically explores the world of Event Driven Architecture (EDA). It’s a central story to organizations moving ...

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[MEGA DEAL] Big Think Edge Expert-Taught Lectures: Lifetime Subscription (36%)

Access 200+ Lectures By World-Renowned Experts, Including Edward Norton, Malcom Gladwell, Chris Hadfield, Bryan Cranston & 150 Others! Hey fellow geeks, This week, on our JCG Deals store, we have another extreme offer. We are offering a massive 36% off on Big Think Edge Expert-Taught Lectures: Lifetime Subscription. Get it now with only $159,99 instead of the original price of ...

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Multi-Runtime Microservices Architecture

Creating good distributed applications is not an easy task: such systems often follow the 12-factor app and microservices principles. They have to be stateless, scalable, configurable, independently released, containerized, automatable, and sometimes event-driven and serverless. Once created, they should be easy to upgrade and affordable to maintain in the long term. Finding a good balance among these competing requirements with ...

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Selenium IDE: What Is It? & Why Is It Must For Every QA?

Earlier testers would often refrain from using record and replay tools like Selenium IDE for automation testing and would rather opt for using scripting frameworks like Selenium Webdriver, WebDriverIO, Cypress, etc. After all, why wouldn’t they, these tools have proved to be more effective and gave much more control over tests! Even though Selenium IDE offered ease of usage, it ...

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Project to test your programming skills

A Guessing Game – to become Full Scope/Stack Developer If you are wondering what would be a perfect project to practice your programming skills. You are in the right place!It’s a simple number guessing game. We start with a console app and migrate to a web app with lots of features. Steps 1. Console App: Read a number N from ...

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