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Best Of The Week – 2012 – W01

Hello guys,

Time for the “Best Of The Week” links for the week that just passed. Here are some links that drew Java Code Geeks attention:

* DevOps: What it is, and what it is not: In this article the author tries to demystify DevOps, discussing what it is and what is not. Also check out Devops has made Release and Deployment Cool and Devops: How NOT to collect configuration management data.

* 12 resolutions for programmers: New year’s resolutions for programmers, including taking up an analog activity, staying healthy, learning a new programming language, focusing on security and others. I don’t know if there is enough time for all of these, but good hints anyway.

* RESTFul validation using Spring: A nice tutorial showing how to perform custom REST validation using Spring. Note that this is a three part tutorial series. Also check out Develop Restful web services using Spring MVC and RESTful Web Services with RESTeasy JAX-RS on Tomcat 7.

* Method Validation With Spring 3.1 and Hibernate Validator 4.2: A nice article presenting how to get started with method level validation using Spring and Hibernate Validator.

* Rethinking The Technical Resume:This article provides some nice pointers on how to think about you resume, stating that effectively a resume is a marketing tool. Avoid mistakes like listing everything you’ve done or writing paragraphs of text .

* Example of RESTful webservice with XML and JSON using Maven, JAXB, Jersey, Tomcat and cURL : This article provides a nice example of implementing a RESTful web service with Jersey and JAXB and shows how to deploy it on Tomcat and test it with cURL. Also check out Simplifying RESTful Search and Spring 3 RESTful Web Services.

* Pay Your Programmers $200/hour: A controversial article suggesting that (capable) programmers should be paid $200 per hour, something that would have benefits both for the contractor and the client. Interesting read.

* How to Cache a File in Java: Article on how to cache files in Java in order to increase application performance. It discusses an algorithm for caching the file, adata structure for holding the cached content and a cache API for storing cached files.

* Actors in Java: An introduction to Actor programming model with Akka in Java. Actor model principles involve no shared (mutable) data and communication through Asynchronous Messages. Also check out Even simpler scalability with Akka through RegistryActor.

* Recruiting programmers to your startup: Nice article on how to recruit programmers to your startup. The procedure suggested involves finding candidates, screening candidates, and convincing candidates to join you. Of course, the most important thing to understand is what motivates programmers.

* Why Programmers don’t have a High Social Status?: A humorous article trying to solve the mystery of why programmers do not have a high social status as other educated people have.

That’s all for this week. Stay tuned for more, here at Java Code Geeks.


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