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Best Of The Week – 2011 – W43

Hello guys,

Time for the “Best Of The Week” links for the week that just passed. Here are some links that drew JavaCodeGeeks attention:

* Hello JavaFX 2.0: Introduction by NetBeans 7.1 beta: A nice tutorial which serves as a soft introduction to the brand new JavaFX 2.0. The author uses NetBeans 7.1 which supports JavaFX 2.0. After the development environment is set up, a simple programs is created for demonstration purposes.

* A Good Look at Android Location Data: This article explores the uncharted area of the accuracy of real-life location data in Android devices. Fine-grained (GPS) and Coarse-grained location providers (network location) are examined. Also check out Android Location Based Services Application – GPS location and Android Proximity Alerts Tutorial.

* Why are you still deploying overnight?: In this, the author describes the problems of a well established deployment technique, deploying overnight. Some of them are, assumption that there will be problems with the deployment, tired people are taking care of a complex procedure and there are no means of doing a phased rollout or a quick rollback.

* Implementing Observer pattern using Spring Framework: An implementation of the well known Observer pattern using the Spring framework.

* How REST replaced SOAP on the Web: What it means to you: An article discussing how REST managed to replace SOAP in the world of public Web APIs and how this fact impacts developers. Also check out Spring 3 RESTful Web Services and JAX–WS with Spring and Maven Tutorial.

* 5 Ways to ensure you geeks are happy and productive: An article on how to manage geeks and how to keep them happy and productive. Some of the advices are a bit lame (“Never deprive them of free flowing caffeine.”) but the general principles are right on target (do not micromanage them, provide learning opportunities etc.).

* Understanding Apache Tomcat: Getting Started: A detailed guide on how to install Apache Tomcat (on Windows) which also provides some light on what is happening under the hood. See also Multiple Tomcat Instances on Single Machine and Zero-downtime Deployment (and Rollback) in Tomcat; a walkthrough and a checklist.

* Test automation and Continuous Delivery: An article that explains how test automation can be used in order to provide a more robust testing solution and save money, time and effort for a software company. Also check out The Ten Minute Build and You can’t be Agile in Maintenance?.

That’s all for this week. Stay tuned for more, here at JavaCodeGeeks.

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