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Best Of The Week – 2011 – W37

Hello guys,

Time for the “Best Of The Week” links for the week that just passed. Here are some links that drew JavaCodeGeeks attention:

* Java 7: The Top 8 Features: This article discusses the top features included in the new Java release, including string switching, the try-with-resources statement, exceptions multi-catch, type inference for generic instance creation and new I/O APIS.

* Android Best Practices: StrictMode : This Android article shows how to use StrictMode, a class that can be used to enable and enforce various policies that can be checked for and reported upon. These policies generally include best-practice type coding issues.

* loadUI – Open Source, Cross Platform and Free Load Testing Tool: In this article, loadUI, an open source, cross platform and free load testing tool is presented. In a single test environment, loadUI provides complete test coverage including Web Load Testing, Automated Testing, Stress Testing and more.

* Email sending with Spring Batch: This hands-on guide demonstrates how to send emails easily with Spring Batch. You can also check Sending e-mails in Java with Spring – GMail SMTP server example.

* Big Data Application Platform: A detailed article, discussing the architecture and application platforms surrounding “Big Data” databases. The author pinpoint the need for a Big Data platform, discusses its characteristics and examines how current Java technologies can be used to that end.

* Can Scala bring back the Joy of Programming?: An interesting article where the author discusses whether Scala can brick back the joy of programming; joy that has been almost extinct in the complex world of Java EE, where tools and frameworks dominate a developer’s work.

* Hibernate Quick Guide: A very useful guide to quickly get you started with Hibernate. Configuration and usage examples are provided. Also check out the Spring MVC3 Hibernate CRUD Sample Application and GWT 2 Spring 3 JPA 2 Hibernate 3.5 Tutorial – Eclipse and Maven 2 showcase articles.

* Git Is Simpler Than You Think: In this article the author examines how Git works (branches, commits, repositories etc.) and more importantly what Git is trying to do for its users.

That’s all for this week. Stay tuned for more, here at JavaCodeGeeks.

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