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The Why & How To Create A Front-End Website Testing Plan

Undoubtedly, weak testing phase is going to impact SDLC — and clients may change the perception and place lesser importance in future services. With all the constraints, you need to worry about company reputation. If you want to foster growth, you need to uphold principles, find out and innovate plans methodically. Sign-off from the client is not the end of ...

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How Can We Automate Testing in a DevOps Setup

Expertise and strategy play an imperative role in the adoption of a development and operations (DevOps) strategy when developing software. This is because in order to achieve test automation objectives, a group of dedicated testers is required. Automating testing is a difficult technical activity, and it has the ability to ruin the overall DevOps strategy for your project if it ...

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3 Features To Look For in a Codeless Automation Testing Tool

In this post, we feature a comprehensive article on 3 Features To Look For in a Codeless Automation Testing Tool. Codeless Automation Testing Tools With the growing need to keep up with faster release cycles, QA teams have turned to codeless automation tools to speed up the test automation process. When implemented successfully, testers can ensure that their work is ...

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Which Browsers Are Important For Your Cross Browser Testing?

Did you know? Every website on the internet communicates in a unique manner with every browser. A browser interprets web elements in a separate manner as compared to other browser and renders the website accordingly. This means the look and feel of a website are not only dependent on the front-end development team but also on the browsers being used ...

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17 Key Benefits Of Automation Testing For A Successful Release

With the increasing pace of technology, it becomes challenging for companies to manage the quality of their web applications. Due to the limited time window in agile development and cost factors, testing often misses out the attention it deserves. Lack of proper testing leads to the bad quality product, delayed delivery, unsatisfied custom service and increase in costs. The reason ...

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Load Testing of a Microservice. Kubernetes way

Let’s assume there is a microservice represented by a composition of containers running on a K8s cluster somewhere in a cloud, e.g.Oracle Kubernetes Engine (OKE). At some point we want to quickly stress test a specific microservice component or the entire microservice. So we want to know how it works under the load, how it handles many subsequent requests coming ...

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AI in Testing: The third wave of automation

The evolution of agile methodology enforced the enterprises to innovate and deliver at lightning speed. While delivery cycle time is decreasing, the technical complexity required to deliver positive user experience and maintain a competitive edge is increasing—as is the rate at which we need to introduce compelling innovations. To meet the continuous integration and delivery needs, we have turned to ...

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Bug Severity vs Priority In Testing With Examples

As a software tester, you’re performing website testing, but in between your software is crashed! Do you know what happened? It’s a bug! A Bug made your software slow or crash. A Bug is the synonym of defect or an error or a glitch. During my experience in the IT industry, I have often noticed the ambiguity that lies between ...

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Introduction to Test Doubles


When you are writing unit test you are faced with many kinds of collaborators and they all have very specific behaviours, knowing which test double you have to use in the right time can make your life easier. Dummy The first one is the Dummy Object, it’s the simplest one, a Dummy is just an object that you pass to ...

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