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Video course on efficient enterprise testing


I’ve created a few videos on the topic of effective enterprise testing. I still see a huge importance in this topic in real-world projects. Here are my experiences in testing Enterprise Java projects together with some examples. 1. Introduction & efficient Maven usage In this video, I’ll give an introduction to the testing course and show how to structure tests ...

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Migrating Spock 1.3 tests to Spock 2.0

Get know what you can expect from Spock 2.0 M1 (based on JUnit 5), how to migrate to it in Gradle and Maven, and why it is important to report spotted problems :). Important note. I definitely do not encourage you to migrate your real-life project to Spock 2.0 M1 for good! This is the first (pre-)release of 2.x with ...

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Top Trends in Software Testing using AI & ML in 2020

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made some fantastic progress since its exploratory presentation as a PC program intended to beat chess grandmasters. The main colossal accomplishment was IBM’s Deep Blue, which beat world chess champion, Garry Kasparov. That episode was, in a genuine sense, an expression point in AI innovation. AI is just on a par with the information that is ...

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Selenium 4 Alpha – What to Expect?

Selenium 4 Alpha- What to Expect? Back in August of 2018 the whole testing automation community had been struck by the big news: Simon Stewart, the founding member of Selenium, had officially confirmed the release date and some of the major updates for Selenium 4 at the Selenium Conference in Bangalore. The 4.0 version of the world’s beloved framework for ...

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Better integration tests with WireMock


No matter if you follow the classical test pyramid or one of the newer approaches like the Testing Honeycomb you should start writing integration tests at some point during development.There are different types of integration tests you can write. Starting with persistence tests, you can check the interaction between your components or you can simulate calling external services. This article ...

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5 Software Testing Strategies to Uplift Business Growth

The immense popularity of SaaS products in the market has been an important factor in the surge of start-ups delving into the software industry. However, when it comes to developing and putting a software product on the market, just a simple idea is not enough. There are just as many failed software products in the market as similar offerings are ...

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Name Parameters In Tests?

As discussed in What are We Testing Again? from the Test Smells, making the test code explain its test case and test data is a vital responsibility. When writing test code, the best advice is focus on creating understanding, rather than focus on DRY code. This is largely because refactoring tests, requiring us to hide things behind methods or named ...

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The First and Last Rites

Let’s look at another test smell. Consider the following tests: @Test public void connectionWorks() { database = openDatabase(); database.healthCheck(); database.close(); } @Test public void countRows() { database = openDatabase(); assertThat(database.countAll()) .isEqualTo(0); database.close(); } In the above code we’ve written two tests for some fictional database. It looks like both those tests start and end with the same code. On top ...

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