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Don’t Be a “One-Trick Pony” Manual Tester

I remember seeing ponies when my parents took me to the circus. They were an important part of the show and impressed the audience with agility, jumping over obstacles and walking on two feet. The pony act was so varied that it was difficult to get bored of it, even if you were attending the show on consecutive days. But ...

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5 Skills Every QA Engineer Must Have

project management

Undoubtedly everyone nowadays has the idea of what software developers do in general, but not many people outside IT are aware of what the role of QAs is. Usually when someone asks me what my profession is I have to give a short explanation for the value that quality assurance brings to the final product. Moreover many people consider that ...

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What Is API Testing and Why Should We Be Using It?

Many companies are moving toward a microservices model for their software applications. This means that different sections of their application can have separate datastores and separate commands for interacting with that datastore. Microservices are appealing to software providers because they allow components of the software to be deployed more quickly; while one area of an application is updated, the other ...

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The Right Way to Report a Bug

You know, at Zerocracy, either you are a programmer or a tester, and we pay for each bug you find and report. Well, not quite. We pay for each bug report a project architect considers good enough to pay for. The architect’s decision is totally subjective and non-disputable, according to §29 of the Policy. Some of our developers find this ...

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Convenient mocking in Mockito with JUnit 5 – the official way

Starting with the version 2.17.0 Mockito provides the official (built-in) support for managing a mocking life cycle if JUnit 5 is used. Getting started To take advantage of the integration, the Mockito’s mockito-junit-jupiter dependency is required to be added next to the JUnit 5’s junit-platform-engine one (see below for details). After that, the new Mockito extension MockitoException for JUnit 5 ...

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Testing Kotlin with Spock Part 1 – Object

The object keyword in Kotlin creates singleton in a very convenient way. It can be used for example as a state of an operation. Spock Framework is one of the most expressive and readable test framework available in the Java ecosystem. Let’s see how Kotlin object can be used in the Spock tests. What do we want to test? We ...

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Android Studio 3.0 – Initial Impressions of Tool Support

I have been using Android Studio 3.0 since since the alpha versions, and it is good to see it finally released. This is just some initial comments on using some common and new Android tools and libraries with the 3.0 version of Android Studio and the associated Android Gradle plugin. Hopefully this will be useful for anyone thinking of upgrading ...

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What Makes a Great Tester?

I was recently a judge at ISTC, the Israeli Testing Cup finals. So how does one judge testing? What makes some testers better than others? A few things to note about the competition, which differentiates the testing situation from regular work: The team is presented with a product to test that they know nothing about, apart from a 15 minute introduction ...

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