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Dinakar is a Content Developer at pCloudy. He is an ardent technology explorer who loves sharing ideas in the tech domain. In his free time, you will find him engrossed in books on health & wellness, and playing the guitar. He loves the sight of the oceans and the sound of the waves on a bright sunny day.

Accelerating App Testing with Automation and Modern CI Pipelines

Usually when we talk about Quality we think about the QA team in our organisation, but that definition has changed. Now the QA team is also looking after the release cycle process and specifically making sure that Testing is part of the release cycle with the help of CI/CD Automation. CI/CD is about continuously testing and integrating different teams’ efforts ...

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pCloudy’s New Platform: Built For You!

A famous quote by Mark Twain reads “Continuous Improvement Is Better Than Delayed Perfection.” This has been a quote that has been echoing in our heart from the time we called our platform a Continuous Testing Cloud. And we wondered what good is it if we don’t constantly improve and take our product to the next level. These are the ...

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Understanding the importance of Cross Browser Testing

There is a lot of web content available on various platforms and we enjoy the unique experience offered by each. But sometimes, this is easily ignored in software development because of the absence of Cross Browser Compatibility Testing. It happens because developers put in a lot of effort in building an application that seems perfect to them, but doesn’t work ...

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Challenges in Mobile App Testing

Today, there are many smartphone users in the world and so is the popularity of mobile apps. In order to be competent, mobile apps have to be unique and provide the best user experience to increase the user base. With the users getting more informed and intelligent, the apps built should keep up with the pace. In order to be ...

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Business Process Automation: What is it and how to implement it?

The Pandemic has shown that Enterprises can bring drastic changes in a short span of time. There is always this question as to how did Enterprises scale up their digital transformation efforts in such a short time? And in some sense we owe it to automation and the advancement of technology. The pandemic has led many business leaders to think ...

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How To Test and Improve Website Usability?

The emergence of the information age and e-commerce has forced businesses to upgrade their presence digitally. While mobile, web and PWA apps are becoming the means of reaching new customers, websites are still the foundational building blocks of locating any business online. Gone are the days when your business was restricted only to a particular region or locality. Local businesses ...

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Understanding Selenium Python Bindings for effective Test Automation

With many apps being developed at a rapid pace, testing and releasing the apps is starting to become a challenge. However, with the use of various rapid automation techniques and automation tools like Selenium, testing teams are able to test early, resolve issues and release apps faster. Selenium automation has proven to be an excellent tool to automate test cases ...

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Why is it Important to Test Your Mobile Apps on Different Devices?

The Technology involved in mobile devices is changing rapidly. Mobile phones have literally personalized the choices in our lives, experts forecast that the future devices will enable us to get much done without moving an inch or a finger. The rapid growth of the app industry and the various apps that are being released on a daily basis are making ...

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Understanding Responsive Web Design and Responsive Design Testing

Responsive Design Testing has been a key factor in enhancing our access to information through various digital devices and responsive web design. Things that seemed like herculean tasks years ago, have become a cakewalk for the future generations. I can still remember running pillar to post when I had to work on school projects back in 2005, when computers were ...

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