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Testing Spring Boot conditionals the sane way


If you are more or less experienced Spring Boot user, it is very luckily that at some point you may need to run into the situation when the particular beans or configurations have to be injected conditionally. The mechanics of it is well understood but sometimes the testing such conditions (and their combinations) could get messy. In this post we ...

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22 Practical Tips To Test Automation With Selenium WebDriver

Test automation with Selenium has empowered website testers over the globe to perform automated website testing with ease. Webdriver is a core component of the Selenium framework using which you can perform automated cross browser testing of your website or web application against different types of browsers e.g. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, etc. The ...

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Regression Testing: Tools and Techniques

Regression Testing, by its definition, is a type of software testing to confirm that a recent program or code change has not adversely affected existing features. It is done to make sure that the existing application is intact with the newly added features and nothing is broken. In order to achieve that, the existing test cases are executed selectively or ...

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Inject-able only in test?

This article is about some thoughts of test design and testability. Some questions that we discussed with my son, who is a junior Java developer and currently is employed and studies at EPAM Hungary (the same company but a different subsidiary where I work). All the things in this article are good old knowledge, but still, you may find something ...

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Role of Automation Testing in CI CD Pipeline

The industry widely adopted software development practices: Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment ensure delivering the product well and delivering often. Regular code commits require regular/continuous testing and was it to be neglected can lead to a non-resilient infrastructure. How to deliver a sturdy CI CD pipeline? It is a question for many companies unless they approach DevOps consulting. And even ...

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The Why & How To Create A Front-End Website Testing Plan

Undoubtedly, weak testing phase is going to impact SDLC — and clients may change the perception and place lesser importance in future services. With all the constraints, you need to worry about company reputation. If you want to foster growth, you need to uphold principles, find out and innovate plans methodically. Sign-off from the client is not the end of ...

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How Can We Automate Testing in a DevOps Setup

Expertise and strategy play an imperative role in the adoption of a development and operations (DevOps) strategy when developing software. This is because in order to achieve test automation objectives, a group of dedicated testers is required. Automating testing is a difficult technical activity, and it has the ability to ruin the overall DevOps strategy for your project if it ...

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3 Features To Look For in a Codeless Automation Testing Tool

In this post, we feature a comprehensive article on 3 Features To Look For in a Codeless Automation Testing Tool. Codeless Automation Testing Tools With the growing need to keep up with faster release cycles, QA teams have turned to codeless automation tools to speed up the test automation process. When implemented successfully, testers can ensure that their work is ...

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Which Browsers Are Important For Your Cross Browser Testing?

Did you know? Every website on the internet communicates in a unique manner with every browser. A browser interprets web elements in a separate manner as compared to other browser and renders the website accordingly. This means the look and feel of a website are not only dependent on the front-end development team but also on the browsers being used ...

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