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49 Most Common Selenium Exceptions for Automation Testing

A developer will always write code keeping different scenarios in mind but there could be cases where the implementation does not work as expected. The same principle also applies to test code that is primarily written to test the existing product functionalities, unearth bugs, and make the product 100% bug free. It is rightly said that Truth is always stranger ...

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All You Need To Know About UI Testing

Let’s start with a question. What is the first thing that a user interacts with on a website? The interface, of course. The look and feel of the website is the first thing that creates the “First Impression” on the users. An interactive web application can make or break the deal for users, this is why more and more people ...

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Complete Guide To Selenium Locators In Protractor (Examples)

While testing the functionality for your website, especially web elements such as radio button, text boxes, drop-down, etc., you need to make sure that you are able to access these elements. Selenium locators serve this exact purpose, by using this command we can identify these web elements, DOM (Document Object Model), to perform Selenium test automation through our scripts. These ...

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How WebdriverIO Uses Selenium Locators in a Unique Way – A WebdriverIO Tutorial With Examples

In any automation testing framework, finding elements is the most fundamental activity. We have to choose web elements very carefully so that automation script execution can handle static and dynamic elements for stable test results. WebDriverIO has many advanced Selenium locators/ selector strategies compared to other automation testing frameworks. Traditionally, each locator has a specific By method which identifies the ...

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JUnit 5 and Selenium – improving project configuration

Selenium is a set of tools and libraries supporting browser automation and it is mainly used for web applications testing. One of the Selenium’s components is a Selenium WebDriver that provides client library, the JSON wire protocol (protocol to communicate with the browser drivers) and browser drivers. One of the main advantages of Selenium WebDriver is that it supported by ...

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Selenium 4 Alpha – What to Expect?

Selenium 4 Alpha- What to Expect? Back in August of 2018 the whole testing automation community had been struck by the big news: Simon Stewart, the founding member of Selenium, had officially confirmed the release date and some of the major updates for Selenium 4 at the Selenium Conference in Bangalore. The 4.0 version of the world’s beloved framework for ...

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