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What is new in Selenium 4 ?

Selenium has gone through a tremendous evolution since its introduction and that’s the reason today it is the most popular and powerful automation testing tools. The newly released Selenium 4 is creating a lot of buzz and the complete testing community is looking forward to exploring its updated features. Before we dive into Selenium 4, let’s have a brief introduction ...

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Handling Actions Class in Selenium and its usage

Selenium is considered one of the best testing tools for automating web applications. It is a powerful tool with built-in features to support all types of actions related to the keyboard and mouse. The user performs various operations while exploring the web like clicking any button, entering text, Double click, right-click, drag-and-drop, select from the drop-down menu, resize, etc. Actions ...

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How To Handle Synchronization In Selenium PHP Using Implicit and Explicit Wait?

One of the significant challenges with automation testing is dealing with web elements that are loaded dynamically through AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML) and JavaScript. The Selenium WebDriver does not hold the responsibility of tracking the DOM’s real-time and active state (Document Object Model). Handling synchronization in Selenium becomes important with dynamically loaded web elements as they may load at ...

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How To Do Parameterization In Pytest With Selenium?

Incorporating automated testing as a part of the testing accelerates the testing process so that issues can be identified & fixed faster. At the initial stages of product development, a small set of inputs are enough for unit testing and functional testing. However, the complexity of tests will increase as the development progresses, and a large set of input values ...

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Best Selenium Python Frameworks for Test automation in 2021

Introduction As per a recent Developer Survey by Stack Overflow, Python is the third most sought-after programming language among developers. It is the most accessible and simplified programming language and provides an extensive support system for test automation frameworks. With more and more implementation of Artificial Intelligence, Python has become a popular choice. Many liked Selenium Python frameworks for test ...

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Best Selenium Frameworks for Automating Unit Testing for Web Applications

Introduction Selenium is the most preferred tool of all times when it comes to automating web applications. Selenium supports many unit testing Frameworks based on multiple programming languages like JAVA, C#, PHP, Ruby, Perl, JavaScript, Python; used for executing test scripts on web applications on platforms like Windows, MacOS, Linux, etc. Any successful automation process is based on powerful Testing Frameworks ...

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Tutorial On Handling Keyboard Actions In Selenium WebDriver [With Example]

During the course of automated cross browser testing, you might come across scenarios that may not have been thought about during the product development phase. For example, when using Selenium automation testing, you could open a new browser tab instead of a new browser instance. Implementing that change would need proper usage of Keyboard Actions in Selenium WebDriver. This will ...

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Test Automation Using Selenium ChromeDriver

As per the browser market share, Google Chrome is said to be the most used cross-platform browser in the world. Every new chrome version comes up with an exciting feature that hikes the importance and usage of the chrome browser. Hence, it becomes essential to test our web application on such a high-rated browser. Performing different test cases manually on ...

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Parameterization with DataProvider in TestNG


Parameterization in TestNG is also known as Parametric Testing which allows testing an application against multiple test data and configurations. Though we have to consider the fact that exhaustive testing is impossible, however, it is necessary to check the behavior of our application against different sets of data that an end-user can pass. Time and manual effort saving have always ...

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