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Himanshu Seth is an engineer with 15+ years of experience. He has worked with multi-national companies as well as startups. He is also an avid blogger on technology.

How To Handle Synchronization In Selenium PHP Using Implicit and Explicit Wait?

One of the significant challenges with automation testing is dealing with web elements that are loaded dynamically through AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML) and JavaScript. The Selenium WebDriver does not hold the responsibility of tracking the DOM’s real-time and active state (Document Object Model). Handling synchronization in Selenium becomes important with dynamically loaded web elements as they may load at ...

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How To Do Parameterization In Pytest With Selenium?

Incorporating automated testing as a part of the testing accelerates the testing process so that issues can be identified & fixed faster. At the initial stages of product development, a small set of inputs are enough for unit testing and functional testing. However, the complexity of tests will increase as the development progresses, and a large set of input values ...

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Tutorial On Handling Keyboard Actions In Selenium WebDriver [With Example]

During the course of automated cross browser testing, you might come across scenarios that may not have been thought about during the product development phase. For example, when using Selenium automation testing, you could open a new browser tab instead of a new browser instance. Implementing that change would need proper usage of Keyboard Actions in Selenium WebDriver. This will ...

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How To Get Started With Automated Browser Testing?

If you have a website for consumer products, you must know that some challenges exist only with these websites; one such challenge is ensuring that the functionalities work expectedly across browsers and devices. Browsers interpret things differently; hence you have to ensure consistency in the appearance (UI/UX) and functionalities of the website/web application across different browsers. This makes cross browser ...

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What Is New In Selenium 4 And What Is Deprecated In It?

Selenium 4 has been gaining immense attention since the time it was publicly announced by Simon Stewart, the founding member of Selenium in August 2018. Though there are no updates on the official release date of a stable version of Selenium 4, developers and Selenium explorers, have the opportunity to try out Selenium 4 features by downloading the Alpha version ...

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How To Upgrade From Selenium 3 To Selenium 4?

Selenium 4, the latest version of the Selenium framework, has become the talk of the town since its announcement in 2018. The excitement around Selenium 4 is evident since it is packed with a host of new features and enhancements than its predecessor. Though there is no official announcement on the ‘final’ release of Selenium 4, Selenium users and test ...

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TeamCity vs. Jenkins: Picking The Right CI/CD Tool

Every software development cycle involves three major phases-building, testing, and deployment. A lag in any of these three phases will result in a delay in the launch of the product. In order to avoid such delays, organizations rely on CI/CD tools to automate these processes. But lately, with rapid demand for CI/CD tools there’s a proliferation of choices, and choosing ...

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How To Handle Web Table in Selenium WebDriver?

Web tables or data tables are often used in scenarios where you need to display the information in a tabular format. The data being displayed can either be static or dynamic in nature. You’d often see such examples in e-commerce portals, where product specifications are displayed in a web table. With its wide use, you’d often come across scenarios where ...

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Selenium IDE: What Is It? & Why Is It Must For Every QA?

Earlier testers would often refrain from using record and replay tools like Selenium IDE for automation testing and would rather opt for using scripting frameworks like Selenium Webdriver, WebDriverIO, Cypress, etc. After all, why wouldn’t they, these tools have proved to be more effective and gave much more control over tests! Even though Selenium IDE offered ease of usage, it ...

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