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Guidelines for Java code review

Having another pair of eyes scan your code is always useful. It’s helped me get better at writing cleaner code and spot mistakes faster. You need not be an expert to review someone’s code. Some experience with the programming language and a review checklist should help you get started. The following is a curated list of tips to keep handy ...

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Introduction into GraalVM (Community Edition): And How the Future Looks Like?

1. Introduction In this last part of the tutorial we are going to speculate about the future of GraalVM, both from the short-term and long-term perspective. I think there are three main themes which GraalVM is going to evolve: Improving native image technologyImproving and optimizing GraalVM JIT compilerImproving Truffle and including more Truffle languages Let us briefly talk about some ...

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Java Program to Add Two Numbers Without Using + operator

1. Introduction In this article, You will learn how to write a java program to add two numbers without using + or ++ operators. This looks quite interesting for freshers to think beyond their capability but it is very easy for mathematic lovers. Before that in the last tutorial, we have explained how to add two numbers in java and ...

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How To Make A File Read Only Or Writable In Java?

A quick guide on how to make a file read only in java using setReadOnly() method from File API. 1. Overview In this article, We’ll learn how to make a file as read only in java. After creating the file in java, we have to specify the file property readOnly flag to true. But, we can not set this flag ...

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Java – How to Delete Files and Folders?

A quick guide to delete the files and folders in java with example programs. 1. Overview In this tutorial, We will learn how to delete the files and folders in java. Let us learn the example programs on file deletion and folder removal in java. 2. Java Files Delete Example First, Use delete() method on the file object to delete ...

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Project reactor and Caching with Caffeine

So you have a function which takes a key and returns a project reactor Mono type.  1 2 3 4 Mono<String> get(String key) {     Random random = ThreadLocalRandom.current();     return Mono.fromSupplier(() -> key + random.nextInt()); } And you want to cache the retrieval of this Mono type by key, a good way to do that is to use the excellentCaffeine library. ...

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Significance Of Scriptless Test Automation In The World Of Automation Testing

In this evolution of technology, the level of test automation has significantly increased not only in terms of quantity but as well in quality. A lot of companies are now switching to test automation using different tools and technologies to achieve their business goals. Every organization dreams of increased productivity with faster development and quality delivery in a cost-effective manner ...

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