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Faster Repeated Access to Java Class Names Coming to Java?

Claes Redestad has posted the message “RRF: 8187123: (reflect) Class#getCanonicalName and Class#getSimpleName is a part of performance issue” on the core-libs-dev mailing list in which he requests review of a proposed change “to enable caching of getCanonicalName and getSimpleName, repeated calls of which has been reported to be a performance bottleneck.” He adds that “the caching improves performance of these ...

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Get to Know Custom De/Serializers: JSON Binding Overview Series

The most advanced way to customize JSON Binding is with custom serializers and deserializers. JSON-B serializers and deserializers are the lowest level of customisation available and give access to the JSON Processing parsers and generators. A custom serializer must implement the JsonbSerializer interface and provide logic for the serialise() method. This code shows a simple example of how to customise ...

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The Product Owner refactored: the SPO/TPO model

Surprisingly I’ve never blogged about the Strategic Product Owner / Tactical Product Owner model, this is surprising because it is a model I both find again and again and advocate again and again. I find lots of companies who have a version of this model in place, they have created the model to deal with their own situation. But few ...

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Spring Data JPA Tutorial


Managing data between java classes or objects and the relational database is a very cumbersome and tricky task. The DAO layer usually contains a lot of boilerplate code that should be simplified in order to reduce the number of lines of code and make the code reusable. In this tutorial, we will discuss spring data’s implementation of JPA. 1. Introduction ...

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New Methods on Java String with JDK 11

It appears likely that Java’s String class will be gaining some new methods with JDK 11, expected to be released in September 2018.                     BUG # BUG TITLE NEW String METHOD DESCRIPTION JDK-8200425 String::lines lines() “String instance method that uses a specialized Spliterator to lazily provide lines from the source string.” ...

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Java Tips: Creating a Monitoring-friendly ExecutorService

In this article we will be extending an ExecutorService implementation with monitoring capabilities. This monitoring capability will help us to measure a number of pool parameters i.e., active threads, work queue size etc. in a live production environment. It will also enable us to measure task execution time, successful tasks count, and failed tasks count. Monitoring Library As for the monitoring ...

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