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Frameworks and toolkits to make Java reactive: RxJava, Spring Reactor, Akka and Vert.x overview

Today people want highly responsive, interactive applications with strong user experience, which often means dealing with asynchronicity, especially when the apps are about high-load, real-time data and multi-userness. As Java is an object-oriented language that inherently supports the imperative programming style, asynchronicity is quite a troublesome issue that can turn the code into complete hell. One of the possible ways ...

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How to Integrate H2 database in Spring Boot App


Hello Friends, In this tutorial, we will try to explore that how we can integrate with the H2 database in a Spring Boot application. Before we check that, let us understand a few of the basics about the H2 database, as mentioned below and then we will discuss the integration of the H2 database with  Spring Boot. What is the H2 ...

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Structural Design Patterns: Decorator Pattern

Previously we altered the behaviour of our abstract objects using the bridge pattern and we implemented a tree like structure for our components using the composite pattern and delegating the requests. The decorator pattern allows behavior to be added to an individual object, either statically or dynamically, without affecting the behavior of other objects from the same class. So imagine ...

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How to Optimize Enterprise-Scale Node.js Applications

Summary Cisco (AppDynamics) is ranked the highest in this year APM Report. Download Gartner’s 2018 Magic Quadrant for APM to learn more! Get the Advanced Node.js Success Guide to discover expert techniques for optimizing, deploying, and maintaining enterprise-scale Node.js applications Node.js is rapidly becoming one of the most popular platforms for building fast, scalable web and mobile applications. In fact, ...

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Your own MicroProfile Config source


MicroProfile Config, that is part of the MicroProfile Specification, is the standardization for Java Enterprise and Microservices configuration. Out of the box (i.e. mandatory for all implementations as defined by the specification) there are 3 ways to define your configuration: System.getProperties() System.getenv() All META-INF/ on the classpath The ordinal of these Config Sources determine the order in which the System ...

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