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The Broken Scientific Publishing Model and My Attempt to Improve It

I’ll begin this post with a rant about the state of scientific publishing, then review the technology “disruption” landscape and offer a partial improvement that I developed (source). Scientific publishing is quite important – all of science is based on previously confirmed “science”, so knowing what the rest of the scientific community has done or is doing is essential to ...

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Running Fault Tolerant Jenkins Inside A Docker Swarm Cluster

In this article, we’ll discuss a way to create a Jenkins service inside a Docker Swarm cluster and some of the benefits such a service provides. Environment Setup We’ll start by creating a Docker Swarm cluster. I will assume you already have at least a basic knowledge how Docker Swarm Mode works. If you don’t, I suggest you read the ...

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How To: Insert and Read From a Database using Json

In this article we will create a plugin for Speedment that generates serialization and deserialization logic using Gson to make it super easy to map between database entities and JSON strings. This will help to showcase the extendability of the Speedment code generation while at the same time explore some of the cool features of the Gson library. Speedment is ...

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Getting Started With JHipster, Part 2


So you’re back! In the last installment of this series, we created a JHipster application taking the monolithic route. It was the Red Pill route; life as pretty much you are accustomed to. But maybe you like a challenge. Maybe you want to move beyond the Red Pill and try out the Blue Pill. In this case, the Blue Pill is the ...

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Java on the AWS cloud using Lambda


Amazon Web Services gets more popular by the day. Java is a first class citizen on AWS and it is pretty easy to get started. Deploying your application is a bit different, but still easy and convenient. AWS Lambda is a compute service where you can upload your code to AWS Lambda and the service can run the code on ...

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Tools for Aligning Remote Teams

According to Global Workplace Analytics, 80 to 90 percent of the US workforce says they would like to telework at least part time. As we see more remote teams created, we start to see some common issues arise around things like communication, culture, and, for tech teams, consistent development practices. Let’s talk about some tools and techniques that can help ...

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Spring Security and Custom Password Encoding


On a previous post we added password encoding to our spring security configuration using jdbc and md5 password encoding. However in case of custom UserDetailsServices we need to make some tweeks to our security configuration. We need to create a DaoAuthenticationProvider bean and set it to the AuthenticationManagerBuilder. Since we need a Custom UserDetailsService I will use use the Spring ...

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JavaOne 2016 Observations by Proxy

I was not able to attend JavaOne 2016 and so am happy to see numerous resources online that allow me to make observations based on JavaOne 2016 content. I reference and briefly describe some of these JavaOne 2016 resources in this post and add some of my own observations based on use of those resources. These resources are useful to ...

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