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8 Things Java Developers Need to Know in 2020

This coming New Year, make it your resolution to do something truly valuable – become the best Java Developer you can be! But first, let’s check the Things that Java Developers Need to Know in 2020. Programming languages are going to change our future – well, they already are! – and are going to be used for more astounding apps, ...

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Kafka with Java: Build a Secure, Scalable Messaging App

Easily deploy your app with Okta’s identity management platform Use Okta’s API to authenticate, manage, and secure users in any app within minutes. Try Okta today. Today’s users expect your app to be accessible from their computer, mobile phone, tablet, or any other device! This transition to Software as a Service (SaaS) as the norm requires developers to effectively integrate ...

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You won’t do it later!

Stand-ups and status meetings – plenty of crimes against code quality were committed during them. Why does it happen? Because it’s easy. Because there’s a social acceptance of it. Because we have got unspoken permission for doing it. Is the meeting or its form to blame?  No, the problem is with one simple sentence: “I will do it later”. We ...

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JDK14 instance of EA issue

Tagir Valeev recently had a tweet about the preview feature of the soon coming JDK14 release of Java:             #Java14 pattern matching brings name shadowing to the next level of craziness. Here I add or remove the `final` modifier for the `FLAG` field, which is accessed only in unreachable `if` branch. This actually changes the ...

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First-Class Module Type System for Composition

This is the second in a series looking at the Inversion of Coupling Control type system for composition.  This article discusses a more general Module type system than the previous article’s First-Class Procedure Type. Note: some functional programming languages also attempt to define First-Class Modules.  The First-Class Modules defined in this article are created from inverted functions. First-Class Procedure To ...

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JDK 14 – JEP 361 Switch Expressions out from preview

In my previous post, I wrote about switch expressions and related enhancements released as a preview feature for JDK 12. Subsequently, in JDK 13 there were some changes proposed, like using yield keyword to return value from the switch block and released in preview. In the upcoming JDK 14 release, which will go GA in March next year, these changes ...

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Scala Main class

Adding a main class is Scala is something that I always end up searching so next time it shall be through my blog. You can go for the extends App option One way is to add a main class by extending the App class. Everything else that get’s executed on that block is part of the “main” function. 1 2 ...

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Project reactor – de-structuring a Tuple


Tuples are simple data structures that hold a fixed set of items, each of a different data type. Project Reactor provides a Tuple data structure that can hold about 8 different types. Tuples are very useful, however one of the issues in using a Tuple is that it is difficult to make out what they hold without de-structuring them at ...

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Elasticsearch SQL


The Elasticsearch engine Elasticsearch is one of the most widely search engines being used in a number of production deployments today. It is based on the Lucene search library and one of the key features it provides is a JSON-based query DSL on top of Lucene that provides an easier to use mechanism for interacting with the search engine. However ...

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